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Returning from Center for Inquiry's Women in Secularism conference, we perceived a need for a local group supporting women in the secular and humanist community of NYC. Safe spaces coupled with open house discussions are invaluable to a comfortable and inclusive environment.

Our group will meet to discuss women's issues and the role of women in the secular and humanist community, as well as host social activities that encourage a supportive and vibrant community. We will also find ways to support local and national initiatives tackling gender equality and women's rights.

Feminist Freethinkers of NY (https://feministfreethinkers.wordpress.com/) is cognizant of the intersections between gender, race, sexuality, class, and ability, and strives to maintain a conscious and inviting space for all.

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Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Agression in Girls

New York Society For Ethical Culture

This is a very important book by Rachel Simmons. We talk a lot about how women should support each other, mentor each other, be kind to each other. But it needs to start a lot earlier. I have a niece who is being badly bullied in second grade! It really starts early. So this meeting is in honor of this very special little girl. Reading the book will help but is not required. It is available on Amazon in all formats. Or some articles: https://www.thedailybeast.com/rachel-simmons-odd-girl-out-girls-bullying-and-what-makes-mean-girls-tick http://www.supersummary.com/odd-girl-out-the-hidden-culture-of-aggression-in-girls/summary/ This is not just about bullying. It is about teaching young girls to have each other's backs. My niece's mother complained: "Girls just suck. And it kills me how the push as adult females and solidarity and no one is bothering with the younger ages. We don't ignore girls for academics, or for sports, and as adults we strive for solidarity and support but don't do enough to foster that early" So lets talk about it and see what we might do to change it!

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Let's talk 2020!

New York Society For Ethical Culture

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