What we're about

Feminist (n.) – a person who advocates equality for women
Hack (n.) – a creative solution to a computer hardware or programming problem or limitation

Feminist Hack – a group of people who advocate equality for women in technology

Feminist Hack ATX strives to be a solution-oriented group that provides actionable resources for the Austin tech community to combat sexism and support the retention and leadership of women in our industry. We are devoted to creating community among feminist tech professionals and allies of all genders. While other tech groups provide a necessary and valuable women-only space, Feminist Hack ATX focuses on building capable and effective allies and creating mixed-gender spaces where women can comfortably speak, be heard, and fully utilize their talents as leaders and facilitators. Feminists, pro-feminists, and allies of all genders are welcome!

The purpose of the group is to bring folks together to help create a climate in the Austin tech and startup community that supports women's participation and leadership and advances gender equality. We acknowledge that feminist values in the workplace benefit people of all genders (paid parental leave, flexible schedules, increased diversity, etc.). We offer workshops aimed at fostering skills and knowledge that are crucial for advancing gender equity and eliminating unconscious bias, and we provide opportunities to bring leaders and learners together for networking, educational opportunities, and crucial conversations.

You don't have to be a programmer to join! Anyone who's interested in supporting feminism in technology is welcome. We strive to be as accessible as possible, so please contact us about any accessibility needs.

For more information about Feminist Hack, visit our website: https://feministhackatx.wordpress.com

All attendees and participants are expected to abide by the Feminist Hack Code of Conduct: https://feministhackatx.wordpress.com/code-of-conduct/


Who should attend?
Anyone who's interested in feminism or supporting women in the Austin tech and startup scene.

I'm not sure if I should attend, what should I do?
You should come! If you're interested in the group, that's all that's required. (We won't make you show us your feminist card.) If you still have questions or concerns, please reach out to Anita, the organizer.

Can recruiters attend your events?
Yes, but first you must contact the organizer (Anita).

Can we talk about whether feminism is valuable or needed?
We can definitely talk about that but not in this particular group. We'll expect that if you attend, you already believe or are willing to entertain the idea that feminism is valuable and benefits people of all genders.

Is this group primarily about white feminism?
I really hope not! The organizer is a white feminist but the goal of the group is to be attentive to all feminist issues, including especially for women of color.

I'm worried this will be real heavy/intimidating.
Don't be nervous, this is a friendly group! We drink coffee, chat with cool people, get to know each other, and generally have a pleasant time, so come on out!

I want to get involved!
Great! We can always use help planning meetups and events. Please reach out to us to indicate your interest in helping with the organizing team: feministhackatx@gmail.com

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Feminist Hack ATX Power Hour

Thunderbird Coffee

Please join us for our next after-work happy hour meet-and-greet with fellow feminists in tech! There will be lively conversation, networking, and the opportunity to meet like-minded tech folks in town. Feel free to bring a friend! As always, all genders are welcome. Do feel free to bring business cards or the LinkedIn app on your phone to exchange contact info, but leave your laptop at the office - this is a purely social gathering! See our blog post on Networking Pro-Tips for ideas on how to get the most out of events like this one: https://bit.ly/2YxAfuy :: Getting Here :: Thunderbird is at the corner of Koenig/2222 and Woodrow which is right near several bus stops. There is a parking lot with a limited number of spaces. Street parking should also be available on the surrounding side streets (Joe Sayers Ave) - please pay attention to no parking zones and signs. :: Finding Us :: If the weather is nice, we'll be out on the patio! Feel free to head inside first to purchase a beverage or snack, then come find us. We'll have a sign with the Feminist Hack logo to help avoid awkward conversations with strangers. ("Femi-what?!") :: Recruiters :: Please contact the organizer (Anita) directly if you are interested in recruiting at one of our events.

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Feminist Hack ATX Power Hour

Thunderbird Coffee

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