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This group is for anyone interested in creating a positive environment and Upgrading their life to what they would like to see show up! We'll have discussions on Feng Shui and decluttering our home, work, and office. Each meeting will have simple, ideas to help you make changes to upgrade your life.

Our homes represent us as individuals and our relationships with the world around us. One of the most important things to be conscious of and not have too much of is clutter. Clutter is stagnant energy, and we all know how we feel when we clean up a pile of dirty clothes, bills, dishes. Our homes should bring us joy and happiness, and we can rest and go inward when we are in balance with our inner and external home. Home is where the heart is.

Feng shui helps us balance our homes, and gets the energy flowing so more love and happiness can fill our hearts. As we fill our inner hearts, the love we radiant becomes magnified! Can you think of a person that is so loving that their love radiates out to others? How do they fit and feel in their home? Most likely they have a clutter clear home and when you walk into it you feel at peace, a calming feeling.

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