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Our ENVIRONMENT mirrors our inner-self and our environments affect us.

Feng Shui Gardening's intention is to help you create a harmonious outdoor area that enhances you living space around your home and within it. This is achieved by creating graceful features that flowed naturally with the landscape, and are designed to achieve a balance between architecture, rocks, water and plants. Feng Shui is a 4,000 to 4500-year-old tradition in placement, arrangement and enhancement of the space, to achieve harmony with the environment. Incorporating Feng Shui in our gardens we:

Assess the environment
Identify & remove sha (bad energy)
Enhance thee flow of chi (good energy)
Energize the environment

This is done by: clearing the space, arranging items, color selection and adding enhancements. All this is designed to honor and create harmony, beauty & balance in 9 areas of life.

Career & life path
Knowledge & wisdom
Family, health & community
Wealth, prosperity & abundance
Achievement & reputation
Relationships, romance & marriage
Children & creativity
Friends & travel
Harmony & balance

To get started with Feng Shui all you need is:

A desire to transform your life by creating a beautiful garden
Willing to take action

The facilitator is SaSu who has a BS in Environmental Design, a Master in Community Planning, and a Landscape Designer, with certificates in sustainable and native Texas plants. SaSu has also been using her intuitive abilities to read and access subtle energy fields to create balanced chi for her clients for over 20 years.

Learn how to blend the principles of Feng Shui and gardening together to create an outdoor space that balances and harmonizes the energy in and around your home.

Our ENVIRONMENT mirrors our inner-self and our environments affect us.

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