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I am offering an 8-week extensive introduction to the contemporary spiritual path, A Course in Miracles.

These classes will cover the origins of the Course, including the story of the scribes and the role of Jesus; the philosophy and thought system of the Course; a tour through all three volumes, showing how it comes together as a lifelong path for personal happiness, inner peace, life purpose, and "repairing a dying world."

The sessions are 90-minutes. The group will meet in Zoom due to social distancing guidelines, but may meet in the Ferndale/Detroit area as soon as those restrictions are lifted. 10:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays will be the meeting time.

I have been studying the Course since 1993, and teaching or training in some form with others since 2014. I currently co-lead an online study group with international members. I am a civil servant by career. Outside of work and family I'm "all about the Course." It's my passion, and I'd like to share my knowledge for this incredible path with others.

Classes start again in early October 2020. If you have yet to purchase a copy of the Course, and would like recommendations on versions, please contact me.

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