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A Meditation Center based on the Yoga Teachings of the East and inspired by the core spirituality found at the heart of all faith traditions. Yoga is much more than physical exercise. Yoga means "union," ultimately the union of the soul with it's source in spirit. "Ananda" is the divine joy one feels in the "experience of yoga," the ecstasy of soul-union - or Self-realization, the higher self, which is God. What is God? God is that holy bliss we experience in yoga meditation. Yoga techniques are powerful tools to enable us to make that supreme contact, and to live in that loving presence.


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Yoga for Happy Backs with Mike Christy

Ananda Center for Yoga & Meditation

You will learn therapeutic yoga techniques to ease and prevent chronic or intermittent back pain in this gentle class. register at www.anandamichigan.org/yoga

Group Meditation

Ananda Center for Yoga & Meditation

Weekly group meditation starts with approximately 15-30 minutes of movement (simple guided practice) followed by invocation, chanting to awaken the heart's natural joy, guided pranayama (breath control), guided introduction to meditation techniques, silence, affirmations, visualization and a chant to seal the practice. No experience necessary! All are welcome. $10 suggested donation. Please pre-register @ www.anandamichigan.org/yoga

Mixed Flow Yoga

Ananda Center for Yoga & Meditation

Enjoy an adventruous and eclectic soundtrack as you warm up with some brisk flows and then slow it down to explore deeper levels of alignment. Challenging, fun for beginners to advanced yogis. please bring a yoga mat. register www.anandamichigan.org/yoga

Yin Yoga with Mike Christy

Ananda Center for Yoga & Meditation

This class is a slower, more meditative practice where poses are held for approximateley 3-5 minutes. By holding the postures longer, students are able to stretch and nourish the connective tissues. All levels are welcome. please bring a yoga mat www.anandamichigan.org/yoga

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Yin Yoga

Ananda Center for Yoga & Meditation

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