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It's that time of the year again.
The Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters is here! I'm coordinating an annual trip down to Laguna Beach, CA for the event that can't be missed. This event is high in demand. I try to schedule a full day where we will get there much more earlier so everyone can check out the art, have a lovely picnic and then see the show.

Your ticket can then be used for the rest of the season to check out art, listen to music, have some great food and wine under the stars at the beach.

General Information:
Transportation will be provided courtesy of LGK Events.
Pricing Info: $60.00 plus $6.00 processing fee. Total= $66.00
Transportation Round-Trip= included in ticket price
Total for tickets and bus/limo= $66.00 per person
(Remember, the closer to the stage the pricier the tickets will be, therefore I always to book a row of seats that are at a decent price. Let me know if you'd like to sit closer and I'll arrange it for you.)


Here is all the information for this event:
Where: Languna Beach
When: ​ Saturday, July, 21ST, 2018

​Here's a Tentative Day Itinerary:
​Leaving the South Bay/Torrance area at 1:30PM​
Arriving Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach at about 3:00PM
​Suggested Dinner time:​
6:30pm picnic,​ ​wine, dine, music, art showcases.
8:30pm show starts at 8:30pm
​Home by midnight the latest.​
What: Festival of Arts a.k.a. Pageant of the Masters
Who: The group list ​will be provided ​via email as soon as confirmations start to come in. So far I have 6 confirmed and last year we had up to 14 people.
Where: Laguna Beach
Why: Because everyone always wants to go, but somehow misses it every year.​ Some people went last year and loved it. So we're definitely going again!​
How: I will arrange a shuttle so we can all go in one piece and come back safe and sound.
Payment options are below.
***Please note that if I get a group of 20, the price will go down. So tell your friends, the more the merrier.

*** So what do you need- Lela? ------I NEED CONFIRMATIONS ASAP PLEASE!

DEADLINE is ​Wednesday, June 21, 2018 for confirmations.
I will be purchasing tickets and will start the coordination process.

Payment Options for tickets:
You are more than welcome​ to pay via​:
1. Wells Fargo funds transfer-Zelle
2. Chase Quick Pay - Zelle
​3. Venmo

Have a wonderful week and keep in touch everyone.
​Remember, tickets get sold out fairly quickly, so let's do this as soon as we can.
Thank you and Cheers! xoxox
Lela Lelo

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