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Beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond what you have always believed about yourself is your true nature. We are in a time period where rapid acceleration and the re-membering of our selves ~ our multi-dimensionality is occurring. We are returning to our truth, we are returning to wholeness, unification and a personal direct experience of Oneness with All That Is.

As many have done before us, we can wake-up to this reality and realize the truth about ourselves and our world. We invite you to join us in finding the freedom and peace that has always been present in every moment of your life. For you are the very peace and freedom that you have always been seeking. You are the Divine. You are the Universe and you are the Earth shift.


As we continue to progress as human beings many of us are experiencing what some call ascension symptoms as our bodies adjust to higher vibrating energies of a planet evolving towards higher consciousness.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

• Panic, anxiety, and depression.
• Health crises, relationship breakups, job losses, financial stresses, and a general experience of having your life fall apart.
• Sleeping and wanting to nap all day.
• Feeling invisible and not valued or needed:
• Feeling beat up, abused, worn down, and clobbered at every turn.
• Feeling out of place or no sense of place.
• Becoming easily overloaded and overwhelmed.
• Forgetting words, where you are and losing your place.

More and more individuals are being affected with the elevated energies and evolutionary process. As the whole is beginning to wake up, we begin to have the desire to simply have a life or have a simple life by opening, aligning, and connecting to Source.


The Field of Awakening provides the perfect support in this online group and in-person events. We'll share our personal explorations into evolution and experience the powerful harmonic resonance of an energetic group field facilitated by Bette Hanson, trained and certified in the potent, energetic arts of Vortex Healing® & Divine Earth Energy - a shamanistic energy of the 'I Am' tree . Both of these energies create an elevated energetic field called Multi Dimensional Healing. This field is 'source' energy which helps align us to our natural Divine state and multi-dimensionality. It works by tuning our bodies to a higher frequency like a tuning fork tunes an instrument. It is intelligent, alive and thus knows exactly what each individual needs to support their own evolutionary process.

Each time you participate, your body becomes more aligned with its natural state & higher purpose. The more you relax, let go and surrender, the deeper it works. It is a beautiful process that knows exactly what it is doing quite naturally. The effects are cumulative whether you are present physically or join in remotely by connecting in your own meditation.


The Field of Awakening is for those on an inner journey, evolutionary path or discovering conscious awakening -- the Field offers stabilizing, balancing, grounding and harmonizing according to need whether you require expansion, focus, purification, alignment, clarity, centering or clearing of blocks, conditioning or beliefs -- all according to your highest and best interest and the highest best interest of all. Since we are all connected, as you heal & evolve, the entire planet benefits If you are experiencing any ascension symptoms, the Field can help you find your sense of peace, balance, love and harmony that can be your doorway to deeper integration & embodiment -- providing an authentic basis for real transformation in this ever-changing world.


In practice for the last 5 years, facilitator Bette Hanson is an experienced holistic healer certified in VortexHealing® and Divine Earth Healing. She sees private clients in Center City, PA and practices remote healing for clients around the globe. She facilitates group healing events all over the world, most recently in Boston, New York & Virginia. For more details visit www.bettehanson.com.

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