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FIFTINESS, (/fiftēnəs/ noun; The quality of women living a fearless life after fifty)

We are a new normal defining what it means to be a woman over fifty; Fiftiness is the quality of living a full, fit and fearless life; a stage delineated by breaking the rules and finding your inner warrior in and out of the gym; a time of life for defining your expertise, wearing your wrinkles as badges, laughing in the face of reading glasses and chin hairs. i.e. She wore her fiftiness like a bolt of lightning illuminating a dark room with a brightness so intoxicating no one could look away.

I always envisioned Fiftiness.com as a kitchen where the women always seem to gather at the end of the evening, where the real conversation happens. It's always about getting together and finding community! Our meet ups are social get togethers that will include activities, health & wellness talks, relaunching career networking, and lots of conversation! What better way to inspire than to be inspiring by sharing our stories, our experiences, and our fears as we dive into the next fifty years of good living!

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Brown Bag It & Learn: Last Woman Standing, Take Control of Your Estate!

Raminfard School of Arts


Forget Facebook, this is old fashion facetime with a twist! A lunchtime dialogue with notable leaders in their field. Less a lecture, more a covey of conversation. LAST WOMEN STANDING: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ESTATE! This one is dear to my heart. My husband and I ran our family on the divide and conquer theory. My husband was in charge of all things financial, I had the house & kids (mostly!). With an empty nest, things shifted and I was astounded at all that I didn't know (& took for granted!). This is a conversation I've had too many times with too many of my women friends, sometimes when they are the last woman standing left with grief and decisions and other money issues to sort out. Join us for a conversation with Lori Homer Kraus, attorney & estate planner. Lorie's focus is to help clients proactively plan for an array of life events and challenges. This conversation will focus on understanding family finances through the lens of estate planning. We will talk about topics like mortgages, insurances, children's tuition, family trusts, managing assets of aging parents, what you need to know about community and separate property, and retirement assets in order to fully understand and to be fully prepared if and when you are the Last Woman Standing. We should all know what we need to know before we need to know it! Read more about Lorie at http://www.lkrauslaw.com/ Coffee, Teas & Waters will be served along with a selection of desserts. Please feel free to bring your lunch. There are no heating capabilities, so don’t bring soup! If you want to pick up lunch, here are a few suggestions that are within walking distance of the studio: Food, http://food-la.com/ They are offering 10%, just mention Fiftiness The Six, http://www.thesixrestaurant.com/location/the-six-west-la/ Louisa’s Italian Trattoria, WLA, https://www.louises.com/ O’Groats, http://johnogroats.us/ There is ample metered parking on the street & two-hour curb parking around the block, but please check the signs for Street Cleaning. This is an ongoing series. Please check back as we set our calendar for additional speakers and topics.

What's Up With My Body?! Let's have a live podcast event in Central Los Angeles

The Fiftiness Meetup Group has been asked to participate in this amazing get together for women's health. I've included the original write up from the What's Up With My Body Meetup, producers of the Pause Podcast: OK let's get together and be a part of a live audience podcast. Enough of the talking heads that we can't see. Let's show up, proud and aloud. It's all about creating a community and a collective body of knowledge about women's heath over 40. Dr. Sherry Ross will be our guest. She's just the perfect balance of wisdom and wonder. We'll also have a spoken word performance, and lots of questions (written down, to avoid mumbling...) and answers. Produced for women, by women, Pause Podcast will be a breath of fresh air in this fog of confusion. Space is limited so, please also confirm your attendance via PayPay $5 here. https://www.paypal.me/ArtistsForLiteracy/5 Coffee and connection at 3:30 and podcast begins at 4 pm sharp! Thank you! More Info here: PausePodcast.com Powered by Doctor Wise Homeopathy. DoctorWise.com - join their growing community of women and practitioners. We are grateful for MeetUp to bring us together. See you March 3rd and beyond!

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