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FIFTINESS, (/fiftēnəs/ noun; The quality of women living a fearless life after fifty)

We are a new normal defining what it means to be a woman over fifty; Fiftiness is the quality of living a full, fit and fearless life; a stage delineated by breaking the rules and finding your inner warrior in and out of the gym; a time of life for defining your expertise, wearing your wrinkles as badges, laughing in the face of reading glasses and chin hairs. i.e. She wore her fiftiness like a bolt of lightning illuminating a dark room with a brightness so intoxicating no one could look away.

I always envisioned Fiftiness.com as a kitchen where the women always seem to gather at the end of the evening, where the real conversation happens. It's always about getting together and finding community! Our meet ups are social get togethers that will include activities, health & wellness talks, relaunching career networking, and lots of conversation! What better way to inspire than to be inspiring by sharing our stories, our experiences, and our fears as we dive into the next fifty years of good living!

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