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This is the place for art and figure drawing in New York from the nude model! We are one of the largest and oldest independent figure drawing groups on Meetup, it's an incarnation of a figure drawing group that started about 20 years ago! Our goal is to offer artists of all levels, from total beginners to seasoned pros, an opportunity to draw from some of the best models, at the most modest of prices.
We are also completely independent, unaffiliated with any other organizations, though we will occasionally help promote other events that we feel may be of value to our members. Come be a part of this! This is a "grassroots" group, by and for you, the members, and we're very open to your suggestions.

We offer several different kind of figure drawing events, so there's something for everyone.

• Our regular figure drawing meetups, are traditional academic figure drawing sessions, usually about three hours long that feature one professional nude art model offering long and short poses in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. These are friendly, non-judgmental events where you can work at your own pace. These have no instructor (but I'm always happy to answer questions). Events at our midtown location are open to all ages.

• Draw-mania! is our monthly extravaganza--a four-hour draw-a-thon and variety show in a tiki bar! Every third Tuesday of the month, you can expect four outstanding art models, a terrific DJ offering music that is conducive and inspiring to artistic creation (at least for most artists), and cutting edge music, comedy and performance art interspersed throughout the night. And if all of that doesn't inspire you, We're located in NYC's most fun and eclectic tiki bars, where you can find colorful and tasty drinkable inspiration! This event is strictly 21 and over, and ID is required. (While you are welcome to enjoy the bartender's creations, there is no obligation to indulge, and beverages are not included in the entry price). Draw-mania! will be ending it's successful 5-year run on October 18th! Don't miss it!

• We also have special events throughout the year, including short boat trips, classes and seminars with an instructor, and social gatherings where you can get to know your fellow artists.

• Occasionally we will feature events on our site that are not "our" events, but which may be of interest to our members. Most recently these have included the Art and Design High School Annual Draw-a-thon, and Michael Alan's Living Installation. (If you have an event you think our members may be interested in, please email me to be considered for inclusion).

• We also arrange private figure drawing events, for special event and organizations.

All levels of artistic ability are welcome. Just bring your favorite art materials and your apatite for creativity!

Are you new, and not sure what kinds of art materials to chose? Look at this article:

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Check out this primer on shading & depth in drawings:

And if you're wondering about the value of a 30 second pose, read this:

If you're an art model looking for gigs, check this out:

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Intro to Figure Drawing FOR SINGLES! Saturday 1/19 $38

Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Lounge


We're doing a really fun event in conjunction with The Love Maze, a great new concept in 21 century dating. When you sign up on the Love Maze site (free!) you fill out a short series of questions to create a profile. Click RSVP to this event, get on the list and the radar of others. You’ll be able to see your compatibility scores with others. At the event, you're matched up with several partners with the highest mutual potentials for about 20 minutes each, while engaging in different kinds of fun events, like thie drawing class to feel the connection. In the end, you’ll get your optimal partner. For more info, and to sign up to this event, go here: https://public.thelovemaze.com/#/events/xb8xE5a4h All children can draw, why not adults? It's shocking to realize that we lost our intuitive capabilities in the process of growing up and being busy. It's time to re-connect with our inner selves, and re-collect the innocent joy and appreciation which we were born with through drawing. Amazingly, this helps us to relax, energize intuition, and connect with others. Join our Partnered Figure Drawing party, enjoy this fun and lively intro to figure drawing, and connect with a partner unpretentiously. You and your partners will get everything you need to create some great art from a live, costumed model! The session includes art materials, a model, a brief drawing lesson, and even optional art-coaching throughout the event. You and your partner can work together on a mutual masterpiece or kibbitz on each other's art. This will be a terrific experience for absolute beginner, but experienced artists will have a great time too! Sign up early to secure a seat and get the max exposure on LoveMaze to your potential partners. https://public.thelovemaze.com/#/events/xb8xE5a4h Age: 21+ Dress: comfortable, fashion

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