What we're about

Our mission is to build an open, positive community of developers using FileMaker Pro.

We meet monthly to share information, raise our level of development and design expertise, and see presentations on FileMaker topics. We learn from each other, discuss ideas openly and respectfully, and socialize. We keep current on technology, best practices, and emerging tools.

After meeting monthly for over 20 years, we've found there is always something new to learn and be delighted by in FileMaker.

Upcoming events (3)

Guest Presentation: Making Code More Readable

Online event

Join us for a special guest presentation by Robert Naud. Good code is like a joke. If it has to be explained, it is not a good one. Together we will discuss the different elements you can use to make your code more readable. We will cover both scripting and calculations. In the end, comments should be the last tool you will turn to when wanting to make your code more readable.

Guest Presentation: Intro to the Data API

Online event

Join us for a special guest presentation by Mike Mitchell. Mike will walk the group through use cases for the data API, the prerequisites that must be met, what you need to know in order to use the data API, the basics of an HTTP call, and tools that are useful. The meeting will conclude with a demo and sample file. Come prepared to learn, and join us for this informative session.

Guest Presentation: Error & Success Logging Using the Data API

Join us for a special guest presentation by John Renfrew. Audit logs can tell you who has been where, or who has changed what within a record. Success or error logging implies that there might be follow-on actions from the logged event and that these events might need to be recorded centrally in a multi-file system. Are there any advantages or improvements that the DataAPI can bring to the process, and are there any features we could re-purpose to assist? We'll also take a quick look at Node Red as a man-in-the-middle to improve the speed of logging.

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Guest Presentation: JavaScript & FileMaker

Online event

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