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FileMaker Sacramento is a place for FileMaker developers and aspiring users to get together, discuss challenges, celebrate triumphs, and learn from each other. Monthly meetings sometimes feature guest speakers, but are often "open mic" format, where folks share what they're working on, ask for help, and hash out community problems.

Many of us have been working in the greater Sacramento area for years, without a solid, local group of developers to share their struggles and excitements, and just learn and socialize with fellow colleagues and friends. Since many of us work as wither the solitary developer within an organization, or often alone at home, we crave the feedback, inspiration, and simple fellowship of our brothers and sisters in the trenches.

Technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and we are all discovering that each of us does not know the entire picture. We cannot stand alone on solid ground without the complementary skills of others in the world of software development.

Sometimes newer FileMaker license holders may need to learn from senior developers, or even hire one someone to assist with their new development project. Other times, the best of us may need skills from someone with a different point of view or toolkit.

This is not the place to learn FileMaker basics: we can't take Claris Inc.'s place in providing front-line support. However, we CAN recommend great places to learn basic skills. You are still welcome to join us and discuss your progress in learning.

Nonetheless, this IS a great place for beginners--we all started there--and it's especially eye opening for new folks to see the amazing apps your peers are making with FileMaker.

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FileMaker Sacramento - April, 2021

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St. Patrick’s Day Meeting

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FileMaker Sacramento - February 2021

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FileMaker Sacramento - January 2021

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