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The other day, we were talking about how to build the film and television production industry here in Western mass. One of the big fall backs is that there isn't much of a crew base, let alone those into production. Yet here we are, a full blown lighting and grip rental house with over a half million in inventory ( HMIs, Kino Flo, LED, Chimera, Dolly/ Track, Mini Jibs, sliders, Jimmy Jib, hood mounts, hostess trays, foggers, smoke machines, FX fans. Grip Trucks etc) all sitting unused (in a 17,000 sq ft historic church/ studio space) when not on a paying gig.
So why not put all this gear and space to good use- to teach lighting, build a crew base and help the little guys till they get a solid footing?
Hence, we are opening our doors and facility for any type of workshop that might benefit the local production community. Right now we are reaching out to see the level of interest and strongly encourage all those - at any level of experience-with a passion for film / television production (be it making Music Videos, Documentaries, Indie Features, Shorts , Commercials, or Reality driven shows) to join our mailing list for upcoming events.
And if you have a skill set in film/ television production and would like to use our space (and or gear) to help grow the film industry in western Mass, please let us know about it and let's put together a workshop around it!

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Lighting and Grip Rental House - Typical gear used in film/ telvision production

To start things off with our newly formed group, our first workshop will consist of a basic overview of the gear that is typically used in film/ television lighting and grip. We will walk through the shop and discuss the different gear sections and give quick demos on how different tools are used. Our group will get an over view of , amongst other things, Kino Flos, HMIs, Tungsten, Chimera, LED, Electrical Distribution, Grip gear and all the other fun tools available that time allows in the two hours we have allotted.

We will answer any and all questions about what is involved in renting gear and how to get the best deals based on a production's needs.

This will be a great orientation for all those interested in pursuing a career as a lighting/grip technician, gaffer, or DP, as well as help aspiring producers better understand the gear involved in making a show happen.

We are shooting for a Thursday night, 7p to 9p and will post a date when 12 or more group members are on board.

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Greenscreen 101 Workshop

Needs a location