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Feb 23: Robert DeNiro & Vivian Leigh

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The Deer Hunter -Robert DeNiro
Waterloo Bridge -Vivian Leigh
Extra Credit Street Car Named Desire has both actors

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The Deer Hunter (1978)

There are plenty of great films that chronicle the intensity and aftermath of the Vietnam War, and The Deer Hunter is among the best. We see Robert De Niro's Mike and friends in America pre-war and their normal lives, and then are taken on a wild ride that is both terrifying and tragic.

What makes this such a powerful Robert De Niro movie in my opinion is how much it feels like we're watching a real person. It creates a feeling that sticks with a viewer long after, which is undoubtedly why it got the Academy Award for Best Picture. Even if some scenes were deemed inaccurate by war experts, this emotional depiction of Vietnam shows the true terrors of warfare and its impact on those who served our country.

Waterloo Bridge (1940)

In the 1940 war romance Waterloo Bridge, the beautiful ballerina Myra (Leigh) meets British officer Roy Cronin (Robert Taylor). They instantly fall in love. But Roy is called to active duty, and Myra chooses to skip a ballet performance to tell him goodbye.

This decision has many consequences because she is dismissed from the ballet troupe and she faces harsh financial crises. When she hears about Roy’s misreported death, she's heartbroken and it seems nothing will get better. Audiences can’t help but cry at Leigh’s emotional performance.

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Jan 19: Marlon Brando & Ingrid Bergman

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