What we're about

Meetups for film and theatre lovers. Emphasis of this group is on international and local indie films and live local theatre. There are events to watch film and theatre productions as well as oportunities to participate in the making of film and theatre. I will be listing audition notices for actors, workshops in film and theatre, volunteer opportunities(where volunteer hours may get you free passes ), writing circles (for writers), festivals, and social times to talk about film and theatre (or whatever).

If you have an interest in just watching film (local and festival films) and live theatre this is a great place for you to spend hours sitting in dark rooms with new friends.

Or if you are actively involved in the making of film and theatre this is a great place to connect with other film and theatre makers, who allow the above group to sit in dark rooms for hours.

Or if you have always wanted to get involved in the making of film and theatre: acting, writing, directing, tech stuff (I don't know too much about the tech stuff but I bet you can learn how to turn those lights up and down in those dark rooms- and I'm sure lots of more interesting stuff) this will be a helpful group for you and might lead you to a new career or at least a very fulfilling hobby.

Hope we all have lots of fun in this group.

I will be posting new events shortly.

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