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Monthly Networking And Scrum Meetup
First and foremost, World of Beer serves liquor and food so they serve more than beer. Also, everyone is welcome to leave before the end time or stay after the end time! • What we'll do Starting at 7:00: We will introduce ourselves 7:30-??: I'd like everyone to answer the below questions. What did I do? You can answer this with something that is film related or anything that is not film related. For example, you could say: "I took an acting class" "I read a book about directing" "I went on vacation with the kids" "I took a non-film related class at USF for my day job" What will I do? You can answer this with anything that you think will help bring you one step closer to your film related goals or anything that might not help you: For example, you could say: "I will take a night class in acting! " "I will check out that book about filmmaking!" "I will network with or collaborate with the person I just met here" "Meh. I'm not sure what I'll be doing. lol" What are my impediments? This is where the fun starts. You can answer this with anything that you believe has been impeding your progress. This is where others can chime in by offering suggestions, feedback, tips, constructive criticism, help during the film project, etc. For example, you could say (and your answers can end with a follow up question): "I don't know where start when it comes to becoming a an actor/actress" "I was too tired to work on x and y after work" "I binge-watched a show on Netflix" "I took a class at USF" " I decided to work on my craft beer tracking app" "I couldn't achieve a certain effect that I wanted to achieve in my film because I wasn't sure how to" "I don't have the equipment for film making, can I borrow someone elses or could someone help me make the film? " After we are done sharing our answers to the above questions then the meeting will be open for anything, such as further networking, a q & a sessions with an industry professional, a discussion about a future film project, additional tips/feedback, etc. Note, I'm still hell bent on getting my Edgar Wright close up film completed (Yes I'm that slow...) so I can still use help with that. I'm willing to participate in other film projects but in a very limited capacity so I can't help during the planning phase of a new film project at the moment. However, please feel free to let me know if you want to become an assistant organizer so you can help get the ball rolling with another film project or if you want to host a meeting that will be beneficial to other members. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • What to bring Be ready to answer those questions! Of course, answering them is optional! Anything you want to share with the group such as scripts, storyboard concepts, book recommendations, industry knowledge, stories, etc. A positive attitude, so please be kind and courteous to each other.

World of Beer

5311 Avion Park Drive · Tampa, FL

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Collaborate with others to create your Music Videos and Short Films. Contribute as a Director, Choreographer, Actor, Model, Camera Man, screenwriter, lyricist, etc. Anyone is welcomed to present their idea of a Music Video or short film. People from the group can decided to help the individual bring their vision to life. Participating in these projects will help us strengthen our targeted skill sets and improve our portfolios. This will definitely help with networking with professionals based on the quality of work being produced. There is no monetary compensation for any of these projects. Please state your skill sets when joining the group.

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