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What we’re about

This is a meetup for anyone involved in production, pre-production and post. In addition, anyone on the business side of the film industry can join, as well as writers and actors.  

We will post meetups with information about events in our area that we feel are relevant to filmmaking professionals.   Some of those events I'm involved with directly, while other events are produced by the other organizers.


Any of the members of this meetup doing an independent film/TV event, whether is a class, a screening  or a networking gathering, and who could use a bit of promotion by my meetup, please email me.

I will set up a meetup for your event, if I feel my community will benefit from it.

I would ask for a small donation, in order to promote your event in my three meetups:

I would have really loved to post meetups from some of my members without a donation, but I need to invest my time researching the event before posting, and then it takes time to actually post it.

Thank you,