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The Secrets of Writing Mystery Thrillers

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Mystery Thrillers are tense, twisty, unpredictable, dark, & moody stories that ALWAYS have a shocking surprise. You know you love Mystery Thrillers if you like movies like...

SALT, LA CONFIDENTIAL, CHINATOWN, TRAINING DAY This most complicated of genres is also one of the most wonderfully fun to write. Every great mystery thriller has three different plots, and most feature a hero who has a very particular emotional change that helps them solve the mystery.

We show you how shapeshifters rule in this genre, how to weave all three plots, when and where to place them, and give you thorough patterns that will guide you all along your journey (this is a genre where you NEED a road map!) You'll learn things like:

- How to structure a mystery thriller

- The characters that will help you create surprise

- The essential emotional arcs of mystery thrillers

- How to surprise your audience with a big twist

- Why dark, twisted and disturbing secrets work best in this genre...


This is a great lecture you won't want to miss!

** The Price is $5 for the first hour of the lecture.

***The full lecture + video access of the class is $25.


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