What we're about

1. We meet
2. We film
3. We drink, chat, and talk about future projects.

That's filmjamming.

Do you feel you never have any time to pursue your passions in relation to film? You get such a kick out of the process of making film but cannot seem to find the time because of work and other commitments? Are you desperate to get into the industry but feel unable to as you have a small or non-existent portfolio? Do you brood on an idea for far too long and never find the opportunity to carry it out?

It's jamming, but with film instead of instruments. Every few weeks we meet for a few hours and just DO IT! At every meetup we make a film with the resources we bring, whether that is an iphone, a DSLR or better. Wherever we meet, we'll head into the streets of London and create, then retire back to a set location (bar) to talk and drink.

Whether the result is something akin to Trolls 2 or Taxi Driver, it doesn't matter, at least we are doing it, learning skills from each other and getting better every time, and most importantly doing what we enjoy with others who enjoy the same thing. You can be an utter beginner or a seasoned pro. It doesn't matter. The ultimate goal is just to have a good time in a completely non judgemental arena with friendly people.

We're a growing group and we regularly meet up away from this meetup in a casual setting once every week or so.

We also meet up away from the meetups posted here in order to create our personal projects with others we have met through the group.

Recently, we had our very first Film Festival, showcasing our work of the last year. It was a great evening, and it was brilliant to see all we had achieved together. We intend this to be a regular fixture going forward.

You can some of our work here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2fOwfFoyCR-xt31GsbHAXA

Upcoming events (1)

'The Return of The Sun' Sunny Bank Holiday Filmmaking/Networking

Benugo Bar at BFI Southbank

It's the first holiday of the year, and allegedly it is going to be sunny. If you are a filmmaker, actor, writer or somebody who loves cinema, we'd love to have you down, so you can conceive a short film with us and shoot it. As time as gone on, a great core group has grown, and great friendships have developed. Members have found contacts through the group and have managed to create their own films as a result. This Sunday we'll be FilmJamming again. Meeting in the BFI bar, having some coffee, and then going out onto into the surrounding area to shoot an idea that we have all conceived together. Afterwards, whoever wants to edit it together at a later point can take the footage with them. Don't worry about coming to the bar at 11 or a bit later, we'll still be there. And then, after, we'll go out and get to know each other more. If you have ideas of films you want to make but lack the personpower, then this is the forum in which you can meet and create. Maybe you'll arrange with them a time to meet up to develop a script. Members are free to use this group to give their own projects birth and life. Note we've made the end time 11pm so that means 'We are all going out for drinks after'! The Jam doesn't stop when the Iris shuts!

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The Square Mile FilmJam

Starbucks (St Pauls-Cheapside)

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