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Filmonik Melbourne is an inclusive open-screen short film night in the city. Filmmakers can register in advance to secure a spot or show up unannounced with their new film on a USB key ready for an engaged and open audience. Film lovers looking for a fresh, exciting viewing experience will find it at Filmonik Melbourne. Films are creative and raw, filmmakers are social and accessible and booze is flowing. Our monthly events are a great opportunity to find new cast and crew and collaborate on short films. At our 2017 Filmonik Kabaret event more than 20 films have been produced and screened in 2 weekends. You can re- capture and use that creative energy at each Filmonik regular event each month.

Filmonik is part of the worldwide Kino network of filmmaking (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kino_(movement)). The name Filmonik is composed of "Film" and "Kino" but inverted.

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Filmonik #64 meetup and Halloween screening

Loop Project Space & Bar


In October make and bring a Genre film to the 64th Filmonik Open-screen / BYOFilm screening. Filmmakers in the Filmonik community have reliably created and screened amazing, fun, relevant and urgent Guerrilla-style short films every month. It's non-commercial, non-competitive with an audience hungry for creative, entertaining, artistic, videos made by established or up-and-coming filmmakers. While this screening focuses on Halloween films you can also submit and expect comedies, drama, animation, mini-documentaries, experimental stuff, action films, and everything in between. $5 ENTRY Filmmakers: It's open-screen; bring on a USB drive your most recent film (Halloween themed as a suggestion but not mandatory) with a running time of 5-6 min and under and we'll screen it. Spontaneously submitted short films of any genre and of all filmmaking levels have been creating awesome and balanced screenings for the public. A quick QA with Iphy the host follows each film. Organize your own premiere with us or run a cheeky pre-premiere of your festival film to get feedback without the hassle of submitting, paying huge entry fees and waiting. You can read the guidelines here: http://filmonik.com.au/how-to-screen/ and please ensure you have the necessary music rights or contact us if you need help in finding Creative Commons music that can fit your production. Filmonik is part of the worldwide Kino movement active in more than 70 cities around the world (http://www.planetekino.com/). TUESDAY October 22 at Loop Project Space and Bar. 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD. The screening generally starts at 7pm but come at 6:30pm for a chat or to transfer a film.

Filmonik Kabaret 2019 Meetup #1

Uitgang Bar

It's the intro night to the Filmonik Melbourne Kabaret weekend of spontaneous, creative, collaborative filmmaking in a communal hub. The intro night is not one of our usual screening but a pub night of presentations, networking and brainstorming. Definitely come if you are registered for the Kabaret but this event is also free to attend if you are still unsure what it's all about. For full Kabaret info look for the main event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/3094397533964588/. At the intro night a round of presentations will happen at around 7:30pm in the beer garden but come earlier for a chat. The full Kabaret with access to the hub at Siteworks the next day is a ticketed event. Directors: The audience, composed of potential cast and crew, will like to know if you are looking to brainstorm, have fun and have ideas emerge that night or if you already have a film in mind. It helps a lot if you have a bank of ideas in mind and work one idea around the people and locations that become available to you as the night goes on. Come prepared, but be prepared to throw away everything you planned to do something else. Actors/actresses: Casually talk about your wishes in casting and when you're available. Talking about specialities like martial arts, dance, contorsions, extra languages, etc. would help others find unusual ideas too. Sound recordists / sound mixers: Just show up and prepare for the onslaught. You will be busy and loved. DOPs: Talk about the gear you have and new looks you want to try. You could even make your own film as well as turning someone else's vision into reality. Editors, VFX artists, colourists, etc.. you will be busy too but later in the process. It’s a good occasion to go to an early shoot and get involved on the production side of things. --------------------------------------------------------------- The Kabaret in short: it's a worldwide-happening filmmaking event where participants make short films in a collaborative filmmaking hub, at Siteworks in Brunswick this year. We call that creative space the Kinolab. There's a lot of filming possibilities at the Kinolab but you are not restricted to shooting at or around it. There will be potential cast and crew hanging out there at all times to help and jump on your production. During post-production bring your laptop and we'll try to help each other to all finish in time for the screening that immediately happens at the end of the weekend. There are no real teams, no competition, just filmmaking madness with the goal of expressing ourselves and producing a fun roller coaster ride of a screening. See how it went down last year: https://www.facebook.com/filmonik/videos/946275278897694/

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Filmonik #63 BYO-Short-Film Meetup

Loop Project Space & Bar


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