What we're about

OK, by now there are several movie groups, so what's different about this one?
Well, even though I am not (entirely) against mainstream blockbusters, I find myself naturally more interested in movies that have something more to say than "the good and the bad fight, and the good win".
I like an intellectual challenge and conversations that go deeper than the surface.

So, with this group, I hope to bring people together who also like movies more for the story than for the special effects. Even though some special effects movies are worth watching as well, there are other groups that have that focus.
It is however not excluded that I will occasionally organize a blockbuster movie night, most likely around Christmas or Easter, when the best ones come out.

The frequency of the events will depend on the demand, and on my own personal agenda.
Anyone who wants to see the frequency go up, please contact me, and I can make you co-organizer.
If you suggest a movie (+date/time & location), I can also just organize it in your name. In this case, please do let me know at least 3 days in advance.

Please do RSVP if you intend to join an event, and cancel if you can't make it after all.

If nobody RSVPs, I will cancel or postpone the event.

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