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FintechEcosystem was created to facilitate the interaction of the industry both in London, Berlin and beyond.

London group can be found here: https://www.meetup.com/FinTechEcosystem-London/ (https://www.meetup.com/FinTechEcosystem-Berlin/)

There will be live events run in both London and Berlin periodically with a panel of experts discussing current and relevant topics moderated by Chicken Financial.

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Event 1: Jan 2017

Brexit, impact on the FintechEcosystem

The UK vote on leaving the EU (Brexit) has many people confused and there is much misunderstanding. Hear from a panel of experts on their perspectives of Brexit and its impacts on the Fintech Ecosystem. Considering political, economic and societal consequences of and will examine the different relationships that will exist between the UK and the EU in terms of trade, investment and societal changes

Event 2: March 2017

Confidence has eroded in banking. How do we restore the trust, morals and ethics in the industry?

Is a new social approach needed?

What can banking learn from other industries?

We will have a lively debate and hear from an panel of experts from different domains, who will give their perspectives on the topic.

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Pitching and Investment Panel

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Confidence has eroded in banking. How do we restore the trust?

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BREXIT, Impact on the FintechEcosystem

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