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This meetup is for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and distributed consensus protocols. Specifically, the meetup is tailored for the broader Finality community to discuss ideas around decentralized exchanges and the permissionless transfer of value, expressed as speech in the form of code, without third-party interference. The Finality project is a community-backed, open-source and decentralized system sustained by cryptoeconomic principles and the crypto ethos.

Finality is a new global cryptocurrency exchange with a revolutionary decentralized architecture and a novel community-curated operating model with no centralized management. The community of technologists at Finality is building a unique trading system with an intuitive user interface and experience.

Currently, major cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized, opaque, closed-source and susceptible to hacking and “insider” theft/“insider” dealing. The exchanges have cumbersome user experience, subpar design and very limited trading options and cryptocurrency pairs for users. Finality is an open and community-administered exchange equipped with sleek design, superior execution, excellent user experience and a transparent code base that safeguards against hacking and “insider” issues. Finality will offer myriad trading options and cryptocurrency trading pairs.

Any technologists interested in joining our community should send inquires to join@finality.trade

Non-technologists are also welcome to contribute to this voluntary community project through other means.

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