What we're about

This group sets out to:

- Explore available opportunities to build assets that will produce income for a long time
- Educate people on how to focus on opportunities around including Real Estate, Stock Market, Savings and others
- Real Estate investments (Property clubs, deposits, mortgages, house prices etc)
- Savings, Shares, Investments (savings/share clubs, starting out, Nestegg)
- Protection (Insurance, Hedges)
- Retirement Planning and Pensions
- Setting up businesses, investing in young businesses etc

- Serve as a platform to connect like minded people and professionals

- Share valuable, asset building information

This group is for you if you want to:

- explore ways of building your asset base
- retire within 10 years (or less) of doing some things consistently
- learn more about opportunities around you
- meet other folks with similar mindsets or goals
- just want to meet other people

We are all going to learn from Professionals, individuals with experiences and in a casual environment bounce ideas off one another.

This is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) FREE ZONE PLEASE!

Please no get rich quick schemes either.

I am not a Financial Adviser or selling financial products or suggestions on what to buy or sell.
My goal is to, in a reflective context collaborative context, ask how we can build long lasting assets with Regulated Professionals, who are qualified and licensed helping to guide us through the options available.

Please join me as we make this journey. You'd be surprised what opportunities exist in our current environment. Let's learn and take action together.

The ideal meetup would be a mix of 33% semi formal discussions, Interactive 33% and last casual drinks and networking 33%.

Everyone is welcome.

Hope to see you soon.

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