What we're about

This group sets out to:

- Explore available opportunities to build assets that will produce income for a long time
- Educate people on how to focus on opportunities around including Real Estate, Stock Market, Savings and others
- Real Estate investments (Property clubs, deposits, mortgages, house prices etc)
- Savings, Shares, Investments (savings/share clubs, starting out, Nestegg)
- Protection (Insurance, Hedges)
- Retirement Planning and Pensions
- Setting up businesses, investing in young businesses etc

- Serve as a platform to connect like minded people and professionals

- Share valuable, asset building information

This group is for you if you want to:

- explore ways of building your asset base
- retire within 10 years (or less) of doing some things consistently
- learn more about opportunities around you
- meet other folks with similar mindsets or goals
- just want to meet other people

We are all going to learn from Professionals, individuals with experiences and in a casual environment bounce ideas off one another.

This is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) FREE ZONE PLEASE!

Please no get rich quick schemes either.

I am not a Financial Adviser or selling financial products or suggestions on what to buy or sell.
My goal is to, in a reflective context collaborative context, ask how we can build long lasting assets with Regulated Professionals, who are qualified and licensed helping to guide us through the options available.

Please join me as we make this journey. You'd be surprised what opportunities exist in our current environment. Let's learn and take action together.

The ideal meetup would be a mix of 33% semi formal discussions, Interactive 33% and last casual drinks and networking 33%.

Everyone is welcome.

Hope to see you soon.

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How to Retire Early

Canada Water Library


Do you wonder how long you have to work for before you don't have to (or have the option) anymore? Retirement (or financial security/freedom) is usually seen as something for old people. That doesn't have to be the case. Join me and a Regulated Pensions specialist to look at ways you can secure your financial future as soon as possible. Get answers to questions about retirement, pensions, tips on how to accelerate your plans. Could I have been focused on retirement from day one of my working career? Do I have to work for 40 or maybe even 50, 60 years these days before I secure my future and retire? Could I have saved and invested enough to have the option 20, or 30 years on from starting work? Questions we will explore include: - How much do I need to retire? - What are the best investments to help me achieve the earliest retirement (or at least the option to)? - What is the official age for retirement and are there any significant changes in the future? - How can I do this in a tax efficient way? - What is the Government Pension? - Can I have more than one Pension scheme? - Do I get taxed on my Pensions Income? - How can I take early retirement and access my Pension fund? - What if I'm self employed or work part time? - Can I choose what to invest in myself? - Can Shares, Properties, other assets be part of my Pension fund? - How do I locate pensions from a previous employer? - How can I find out what my current Government pension contribution balance is? - And other questions you might have. Take away - You will learn about the best way to build a solid, retirement fund, as quickly as possible, or accelerate it, if already building one. - Money saving techniques while building your pot - Immediate steps you can take today to help you attain your goals No matter what stage you are in life, it is never too late to do something about it. I look forward to seeing you there and more importantly helping you get you on the path to your early retirement. See you there. Why do we charge a £5 fee? We try to provide a good venue and the venue is paid for. The fee goes towards paying for the venue and making other arrangements. Please note: This event aims to answer some of the frequently asked questions as well as other queries you might have about how to prepare (or provide) for your future adequately, financially. Especially, post career or how to have the option to accelerate that at the least. We will aim to respond to ALL questions, but might need a follow up after the event to ensure your personal circumstances are properly considered and the best, most suitable guidance (consultation) is provided.

How to get on the Property Ladder (and make the most of it)

Canada Water Library


How can I get on the Property ladder and make the most of it? Owning your own property is one of the most natural desires for most people paying rent. It gives us comfort, stability and a sense of achievement. It is also a great source of a financial security. However, recent government statistics indicate that fewer people will be able to achieve this in the near future. We want to help You achieve that. We will show you how you can attain that, the various options available and the right professionals to support you. This is very important, especially given the uncertainties that exist in the UK economic environment at the moment. If you already own property, this event could still be of use to you. We will show you how to get the best out of your property. In addition, we will show you the various roles you can play, including being an investor, saving money, generate income and protect values in the Property sector. This event brings together property industry experts that will help you answer the questions you might have and help achieve your goal of owning your own property. We will look at: - Government schemes to help buyers - The role of Local Councils and Housing Associations - How to get a mortgage considering various circumstances - Managing your property to ensure maximum benefits - Tips on managing challenging times - What are the various opportunities in the UK Property sector? - How can You be part of it without needing significant capital? - What are the current opportunities and challenges in the UK property sector? Who is this for? - First time buyers - Tenants - Existing home owners - New developers - Experienced developers - Property managers - Buy to let investors - Alternative property investment routes - People struggling to secure finance for their property - People looking to participate in the UK property market Why should you attend? - Awareness about existing help and solutions to peculiar challenges - To have your questions answered - Make contact with industry professionals who might be able to help you - Networking So, RSVP and leave comments or questions below. Why do we charge a £5 fee? We try to provide a good venue and the venue is paid for. The fee goes towards paying for the venue and making other arrangements. Note: This event aims to answer some of the frequently asked questions as well as other queries you might have about how to be part of the UK property market.

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