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It is a continuously learning group to help finance professionals become better at Financial Modeling and Financial Planning.

We would do bitsize classes (online and offline) covering the following and more:

Introduction to Financial Modelling and Valuation
Referesher on the fundamental accounting principles
Building a Trial Balance
Building the Income Statement from the Trial Balance
Building the Balance Sheet Statement from the Trial Balance
Building the Cash Flow Statement from the Trial Balance
Introduction to Financial Ratios
Different Types of Financial Models
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model
Comparative Company Analysis (comps) Model
Sum-of-the-parts Model
Leveraged Buy Out (LBO) Model
Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Model
Book value Model
Dividend Discount Model
Building a Discounted Cash Flow Model from Scratch
Template Building from Scratch
Creating the Required Sheets and Having an Index Sheet
General Model Structure Design
Working Across Multiple Sheets at Once
Linking Sheets
Absolute and Relative References
Template Building Tricks
Required Excel Tools and Formulas
What-If-Analysis Tools: Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Data Table
PivotTable and PowerPivot
Power Excel Formulas
DCF Modelling Stages
DCF Modelling Stage One: Projection Ratios and Scenarios (Optimistic, Base and Pessimistic) i. Income Statement Drivers Projections ii. Balance Sheet Drivers Projections
DCF Modelling Stage Two: Financial Statements Forecasts
Income Statement Forecast
Balance Sheet Forecast
Cashflow Statement Forecast
DCF Modelling Stage Three: Valuation
Enterprise Value = Discounted Cashflow of Explicit Forecast Period + Discounted Terminal Value
Calculation of WACC, CAPM and Cost of Debt
Practical Reality of the Nigerian Economic Space
Extracting The Equity Value from The Enterprise Value
Sensitivity Analysis: WACC vs Perpetuity growth
Practical Use of The Results
Company Valaution: Sell-side, Buy-side and Advisory
Business Unit or Subsidiary Valuation
Capital Project Valuation
Financial Ratios
Liquidity Ratios
Asset Management Ratios
Leverage Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Valuation Ratios
Financial Project Planning Excel formulas

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Meetup 1: Basic Investment and Financial Planning

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