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Are you lacking energy?
Are you struggling with a body that isn't' moving like you want it to, because of aches or excess weight?
Do you want to feel confident in your own skin?
If so, come and explore the relationships between your body and your habits, and start living your own full and balanced life.
Get the information you need, here, to take back control of your health and find your sweet spot, the place where you can enjoy your health and still live a full life.
You will learn simple steps to help you make smart food choices, why we need "me" time, why exercise is about more than just burning calories and more.

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Enrich your food experience

Longevity Wellness Clinic

The HOW to eat a grape to lose weight.

Longevity Wellness Clinic

Introduction to Yoga: Setting Your Foundation

Blue Lotus Buddhist Meditation Center

Me First: The power of prioritizing yourself

Venice Holistic Community Center


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