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Do you have an entrepreneurial drive?
Are you obsessed with how to create new value and build businesses?
Are you constantly thinking of how to improve your organization?
Are you ready to find your perfect business idea?
Does finding new and innovative ways of doing things excite you?
Do you feel stuck in your existing career, business, or side-hustle?
If you've answered yes to any of these, then welcome to the Find Your Hustle Workshop Series!

At the workshops, we will be working through the process of discovering your unique place in business. Whether you are working to improve your existing business or start a brand new one this series will be a game changer. Whether you are working to boost a current career or break into something fresh, this series is for you. This is about finding your unique genius and leveraging it in the world of business.

Who should attend: Executives, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Investors, Consultants, Freelancers, Innovative Careerists

What to expect:
These intensive workshops are designed to get you to the next level for your career, business, or side-hustle. Be ready to do the work to get you from zero to one or to the next level. We will rely on the wisdom and tactics from the Business Model Canvas, the Personal MBA, E-myth, and Good to Great.

In the initial workshop, we'll go over the 5 parts of business everyone must understand: 1) value creation, 2) marketing, 3) sales, 4) value delivery, and 5) finance.

1. Does this cost money?
The initial workshop is free of charge and there are no hard sales to get you to move to more advanced workshops. Should you find value in this program and choose to advance, we will discuss the next steps after the workshop.
2. What if I have no experience?
This workshop is good for all experience levels from absolute beginner to experience folks who want to level-up in their hustle.
3. What if I can't make any of these dates?
Contact us. We are happy to work out a 30-minute initial 1 on 1 session with anyone interested in the program.

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