What we're about

Welcome to "Find Your Tribe"! We are a collective of people who are seeking community, support, friendship and like-minded pursuits.

We post our events on the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/findyourtribecalgary/ s please come find us there!

At this time, we meet every second Sunday of the month, either in a community space or at a park for potlucks, picnics, and discussions. We are also hosting a bi-weekly "Let's Talk"... an informal gathering to discuss various topics that surface in community.

At the first few meetings, we brainstormed and collectively came up with a list of 10 guiding principles that will help move the group forward with intention. They are:

1. All inclusive:
All individuals regardless of gender, age sexual orientation, race, culture or creed will always be welcome. We do not define our value on any externals, and each person has intrinsic value.

2. Relationships before followers
Building a community is about building relationships. The best communities are based on strong relationships. They grow both quantity and quality of relationships that people have between each other.

3. Radical acceptance
Each and every person is welcome every time. This does not excuse behavior that goes against the other principles listed here.

4. Purpose
We believe that every person has within them the ability to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and acceptance.

5. We are never a closed circle
The group size is not a goal, large or small, and the group will evolve to exactly what it should be. We will not promote or endorse a sense exclusivity or ”cliques”.

6. Leadership is key
Leadership is crucial for effective forward motion, however the leaders will be servants to the whole, and will be open to the feedback of the collective.

7. We will offer acts of service to the community
We believe that a healthy community finds ways to make this world a better place, through helping other humans, through helping the environment, and finding ways to make the world a healthier planet locally and globally.

8. Dogma will be left at the door
We do not believe that there is "only one way up the mountain". We agree that each person has the right to their own belief system, and any attempts to push a particular system on another will be left at the door.

9. We serve by helping each other on the path to awakening
Each person in the collective has the privilege of being a part in the growth of each other member. Awakening happens at various velocities and plateaus, and each person will seek out ways to encourage the growth of each other member.

10. Radical honesty and non-judgement
We believe that the best way to resolve conflict is with direct communication with the individual with whom we are disagreeing. If that attempt to seek resolution is not achieved then seeking out others within the community to find resolution is appropriate, but not for the purpose of alienation.

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Find Your Tribe Christmas Potluck

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Find Your Tribe Sunday Potluck

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