What we're about

You don't have to be a Yogi to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Similar to going to a gym or fitness center, yoga classes, even those claiming to be for "all-levels", can be intimidating. In this group, a healthy level of humor and silliness is encouraged to overcome what could otherwise be a socially awkward experience. Let’s face it, yoga is funny. Have you seen some of those poses?

My goal is to focus on Beginners through guided breathing techniques, basic poses, and body alignment in a light-hearted, non-judgmental, and fun environment. I want you to be prepared and comfortable in any yoga class.

Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress?

Many, like me, have tried to cope with these issues on more than an occasional basis.

I began practicing yoga 15 years ago, when I was suffering from severe depression, anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and acid reflux. I had tried anti-depressants but they just made me feel dead inside. I found yoga, with its combination of breathing, physical exercise, stretching, relaxation, and meditation to be the most effective treatment. Not only did it alleviate my physical and emotional pain, but through yoga, I also found peace and joy.

I invite you to join me and see how Finding Balance Yoga for Beginners can lead you down the path of emotional and physical healing and wellness.

What Non-Yogis are saying:

"This could be addictive"

"Tara and my fellow students were all warm and welcoming. Clear patient instruction, great acoustics, and cozy venue."

"I had never done yoga of any kind before and this was a great intro. Tara was kind, patient, and carefully explained each pose and even modification to a pose if you had an injury or more limited mobility. I'm definitely going to try to make this class every week from now on!"

"This was the first time I've taken a yoga class that made me feel better afterward rather than in pain."

"My back was hurting before class because of a long day of walking, so I was wondering if I was really up for class but I came anyway. So glad I did, because I felt so much better afterwards!"

"Great class, and no better way shut down after a crazy week/weekend... Thanks Tara"

"It was awesome! A great reminder that you don't have to push so hard to get great results. Thanks, Tara!"

"Thanks you! I feel so much better after 1 class."

"Hey I'm in Vegas for my pool tourney and just wanted to say thanks for the yoga. I was doing it up in the room before my first match and it really helped me calm down and get the jitters out."

One of our newbies returned tonight. After only 2 classes, with no prior yoga experience, she took a challenging class at work and was complimented by the instructor, who thought she seemed more experienced. Go Shannon.

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