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GROUP CHARTER - This group is for women ages 50 + only. Our members are positive, accepting women who like to enjoy arts-cultural-social activities with other active women, .. for example going to museums, plays, movies, restaurants, etc. This group is open to all women — without regard to race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, or political leaning. You are asked to avoid discussing political or religious topics in our gatherings so that all feel welcome.

EVENTS - are open to members only; no plus one attendees.

PROFILE NAMES - When joining, be sure your profile includes a first name and last name (or at least a last name initial) so there aren’t multiple members with the same name. (There are 11 Karens! as of June 2019).

PROFILE PICTURES - REQUIRED. Pictures must show your full face. Pictures from decades past aren’t accepted. We use pics to tell people apart when they have similar names and to help us find members at events.


• Members must keep their RSVPs to events current and drop out from events as soon as possible if they find they are unable to attend. More than three (3) "No shows" in a six month period results in a six month suspension from the group.

• Members must read all of the event information so that they know where to meet and so they know if they need to bring anything to the event, for example a lawn chair. In case there are last minute changes, members are highly encouraged to check the comment area under an event often leading up to the event.

• The Venmo app (owned by Pay Pal) is used exclusively for members to make ticket payments to the event coordinator so that she can buy the tickets in one purchase, to allow us to sit together. If a member can't attend an event after purchasing a ticket, she can post a comment to sell the ticket to another member. It is the seller's responsibility to get the buyer's phone number in order to facilitate the sale and to furnish information to the buyer on how to set up Venmo, if needed, and to provide her with any additional information about the event that was communicated before the buyer purchased the ticket.

• Members are encouraged to submit ideas for events (with event name, location, date/time, cost, and other details) in a group comment or by email to donnam676@gmail.com.

• Members are encouraged to send feedback on events to donnam676@gmail.com to help continuously improve planning.

• Marketing of any kind to the membership or organizer of the FFFO50 is expressly prohibited. If a member attempts to market any entity, including non-profits, businesses, social media sites, etc. to members, the marketer's membership will be permanently removed from the group.

• The posting of lewd or otherwise inappropriate text, pictures, or graphics will result in immediate termination and permanent ban of the offending person's membership and a report will be made to the authorities.

Questions about the group? Just enter your question in a general comment in MeetUp to get answers from members. Or you can send your question directly to the group’s volunteer facilitator, Donna, at donnam676@gmail.com.

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