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If you're looking to enlarge your circle of friends, you've come to the right place. We are getting together for coffee and conversation, activities, exploration, and sharing ideas. But mostly, we are making meaningful connections in a friendly and supportive environment.

Finding Female Friends Past Fifty [SM] 2019 is exploding all across the USA! Women in general, and our demographic in particular, are finally getting the recognition we deserve; our contributions, and our needs are being acknowledged. But, many of us are without the social connections we yearn for. And finding friends past fifty is a challenge. This is why the New York Times article about FFF>F went viral. It tapped into this great, and unrecognized, need.


All new member requests must have a profile picture that meets the requirements (see below), and verify that their Notification Settings are activated.

IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! I require a picture that shows your features--a close-up of ONLY your head & shoulders, no sunglasses, low hats, profile shots. As Organizer your picture is an essential tool, often the only way to tell one member from another. PLEASE check your profile picture BEFORE you request membership. If your picture fails to meet the requirements, your request will be pending perpetually.

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