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SM 2019 Finding Female Friends Past Fifty

Finding Female Friends past Fifty started in Los Angeles in January 2016, has taken off! There are chapters being started all over the US and internationally.

2019 is still the Year of the Woman. We are finally getting the recognition we deserve. But our demographic, in particular, is one of transition. Children are gone, careers winding down, and schedules less cluttered. Just when we have more time for friends, we are most disconnected from the networks that allowed us to find them. FFF>F taps into this need. Read details in this New York Times article:


If you're 50+, and looking for friends, you've found the right place. We are a group of vital, interesting, and supportive women. In the wisdom of our 5th (or more) decade, we have replaced competition with collaboration, and found self acceptance. After a few meetups, you will begin to make connections and form friendships....not overnight, but over time.

* We require a picture that shows your features--a close-up of ONLY your head & shoulders, with no obscuring elements like sunglasses or low hats. As Organizer your picture is an essential tool, often the only way to tell one member from another. PLEASE check your profile picture BEFORE you request membership. If your picture fails to meet the requirements, your request won't be accepted.

* This is a group for making friends and socializing, not for networking or making business connections. Please do not post anything business related.

* Please be respectful of people's time. No-shows, or drop-ins (unless specifically noted in invite) make it difficult to plan events. To ensure that you are receiving the appropriate level of communications from Meetup, please check your email and notification settings. Instructions for doing this are: It's important to make sure you can receive email from the group leaders, in case there is a question.


Upcoming events (5)

Free Shredding Event

Needs a location

Saturday March 30 there are two free shredding events. Check the website for times and locations. http://www.atg.wa.gov/shredathon.aspx

Happy Hour - Northgate Area (Saffron Grill)

Saffron Grill

Happy hour runs from 2pm-7pm. I can get there earlier than 5, if anyone is interested. Food menu for HH is quite good! http://www.saffrongrillseattle.com/saffrongrill/specialevents.html

Coffee Meetup at Cypress Coffee in Bellevue

Cypress Coffee Company

I would like to invite you for coffee and conversation! Cypress opened last June-pretty roomy and nice atmosphere!

Coffee Meetup - Honey Bear Bakery (Third Place Books)

Honey Bear Bakery

Let's do this again! Hoping the date will work for some.

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Hike the Tolt Pipeline Trail

Northshore Athletic Fields (NAF)

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