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This Event has NOT been announced to the general public as of this posting, and will sell out. Please DON’T RSVP to this event until you have purchased your ticket and affirmatively answered the RSVP completion question: (! Nothing is more annoying than waiting for someone who never shows up! So...proto-feminist statement of female liberation...or misogynist validation...or something even more profound? After 2500 years, the debate about Euripides’ Bacchae continues with this revival at the Getty Villa’s wonderful Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman outdoor amphitheater, which recreates, on a much smaller scale, the Theater of Dionysius, where classical tragedy was born. From the Getty: “Running time is approximately 90 minutes, no intermission. This production is not recommended for persons under 12. “Packed with striking scenes, frenzied emotion, and choral songs of great power and beauty, Bacchae endures as one of Euripides's greatest surviving works. Dionysus, the god of wine, ritual madness, fertility, and theater, arrives in disguise at his birthplace in Greece. As revenge for a personal slight, he begins to spread his cult among the people of Thebes. His adversary King Pentheus, fearing the ensuing disorder, imprisons him to suppress his influence. This misguided attempt to thwart divine will leads to catastrophe for Pentheus and his entire family. The bacchants called Dionysus "the god of letting go," reminding us to respect our human wildness. Otherwise we may fall prey to the tyranny of excessive order or the chaos of collective passion.” Sounds pretty relevant to me! Join me for what promises to be an extraordinary theatrical experience as we travel back in time to 411 B.C.E. and see this deeply disturbing Greek tragedy as it was meant to be seen, MEETUP DETAILS: Food: We’ll meet near the dining area at 6:15 PM, grab a bite at the café, and get in line for general seating at 7:15. Parking: $10. Tickets ($40 general, $36 senior, student):

The Getty Villa

Pacific Coast Highway · Pacific Palisades, CA

Respond by: 9/12/2018

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Here's an unfilled niche: female friends past fifty. Plenty of meetups for 50's singles, 40's professionals, and 20's of every persuasion. But 50's friends? Nada. FFF>F fills this gap. If you're 50+, living in LA, looking for friends, you've found the right place. We are a great group of dynamic, interesting, and supportive women. After a few meetups, you will begin to know our active members, and you will form friendships....not overnight, but over time. So come prepared for conversation and camaraderie. And, please, leave your business-networking hat at home; this is about finding friends, not customers.

I often receive membership requests, accompanied by profile pictures that are group shots, distance shots, faces obscured by scarves or sunglasses--not to mention images of dogs, flowers, and cartoons. I require a picture that shows your features (a mug shot) so that I can tell one member from another. As Organizer your picture is an essential tool for helping me to remember who you are.

One more thing:

Because the waitlist usually exceeds the RSVP list for our events, it is especially frustrating when guests cancel same day or don’t show up. I have tried different ways around this. Asking for an email confirmation, or requiring a refundable deposit, are two tactics I use to cut back on empty seats at the table. So it’s essential, as a member of our group, that you have your EMAIL UPDATES and NOTIFICATIONS turned on in SETTINGS both on your desktop computer, AND ALSO ON YOUR PHONE APP. It is also essential to check back frequently in the days before a scheduled event—stuff happens.

For instructions on how to change your settings, go to the FFFF home page. Click on MORE (under the picture of the lovely ladies), then click on MESSAGE BOARD. Now select "Email and notification settings." Make sure you've checked all the boxes that allow me to email and notify you. The Message Board is only available on the web application, you can't see it on the mobile app.

To edit Settings on the moblile app, go to your profile icon, (bottom right corner), then go to the 3 dots icon (upper right corner). Select "Push notifications", then select "Change email updates." Make sure you greenlight all the options.

Looking forward to meeting you!


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