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UPDATE 1/8/2019: Yikes!!!! Since the NY Times article, I'm bombarded with 100's of new Join requests. We have new chapters forming all over LA county, and all over the country--even a chapter in Barcelona, Spain! Please help me by having your profile picture meet the requirements (see below), and verifying that your Notification Settings are activated. I've okayed 500+ new member requests since Jan. 1 (!), and if you weren't one of them, it's because I couldn't make out your face in your profile picture. Sorry, I'm a stickler there.


Here's an unfilled niche: female friends past fifty. Plenty of meetups for 50's singles, 40's professionals, and 20's of every persuasion. But 50+? Nada. FFF>F fills this gap. If you're 50+, living in LA, looking for friends, you've found the right place. We are a great group of seasoned, interesting, and supportive women. After a few meetups, you will begin to make connections and form friendships....not overnight, but over time.

IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! I require a picture that shows your features--a close-up of ONLY your head & shoulders, with no obscuring elements like sunglasses or low hats. As Organizer your picture is an essential tool, often the only way to tell one member from another. PLEASE check your profile picture BEFORE you request membership. If your picture fails to meet my requirements, your request will be turned down. And this makes a lot more work for me--having to review join requests two and three times.

One more thing:

Because the waitlist usually exceeds the RSVP list for our events, it is especially frustrating when guests cancel same day or don’t show up. I have tried different ways around this. Asking for an email confirmation, or requiring a refundable deposit, are two tactics I use to cut back on empty seats at the table. So it’s essential, as a member of our group, that you have your EMAIL UPDATES and NOTIFICATIONS turned on in SETTINGS both on your desktop computer, AND ALSO ON YOUR PHONE APP. It is also essential to check back frequently in the days before a scheduled event—stuff happens.

For instructions on how to change your settings, go to the FFFF home page. Click on MORE (under the picture of the lovely ladies), then click on MESSAGE BOARD. Now select "Email and notification settings." Make sure you've checked all the boxes that allow me to email and notify you. The Message Board is only available on the web application, you can't see it on the mobile app.

To edit Settings on the moblile app, go to your profile icon, (bottom right corner), then go to the 3 dots icon (upper right corner). Select "Push notifications", then select "Change email updates." Make sure you greenlight all the options.

Don't let a long waitlist deter you from RSVPing. Most waitlisters ultimately get in to the events, and if there's a long enough list, where possible, I will add a table.


Looking forward to meeting you!


Upcoming events (4)

3rd Annual Women's March

Pershing Square

UPDATE 1/2/2019: WE'LL TRY TO MEET IN FRONT OF THE LAST BOOKSTORE, 453 S. SPRING STREET, AT 9:45. IF YOU'RE NOT THERE BY 10:00, WE LEAVE WITHOUT YOU. THIS PLAN MAY OR MAY NOT WORK, AS THE CROWDS AND TRANSPORTATION ISSUES MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO PREDICT TIMING. BUT IT'S THE BEST I CAN COME UP WITH. THE FIRST YEAR, I COULDN'T GET THERE ON TIME, AND THE GROUP LEFT WITHOUT ME! "Artist Collective Plans Big, Inflatable Trump Butt to Kick Ass at the 2019 Women’s March"....* This was the stand-out subject line in my email inbox today. A hard-to-ignore reminder that the Women's March is coming up again. Always fun and inspiring. Don't miss it! It's your chance to vent against the sorry state of current affairs, and to support women world-wide. http://womensmarchla.org/ *Below is the GoFundMe page for the balloon. Yeah, it'll be in NY, not LA. But the images will go viral for all to see. https://www.gofundme.com/kick-him-out-inflatable-art-2019-women039s-march?pc=&rcid=r01-15431753007-eeb60d7cad6f4aca No attendance limits here (obviously).

Lobster Feast

Newport Seafood Restaurant

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION AT THE END OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO ANSWER THREE QUESTIONS WHEN YOU RSVP. The New York Times just published an article about FFFF! You can read it here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/31/style/self-care/finding-female-friends-over-50-meetup.html Newport Seafood in San Gabriel is famous for its lobster dishes: Newport Special Lobster, Lobster with Salt & Pepper, Lobster with Ginger and Green Onion, Lobster with Black Bean Sauce. That fame draws large crowds and long lines. But, I can say from experience, that it's worth it. Oh yeah, plus the shrimp, crabs, clams, and squid, and whole fish. Definitely worth it. Yum! The restaurant will not seat us until all 10 of us (for each table) are there. So, please be on time! ZAGAT SAYS: The house-special lobster is the dish to get“ at this midpriced Chinese chainlet incorporating Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai influences into its ”excellent“ menu; ”massive crowds“ ”are the only downside“, but ”service is prompt“ once you're seated and the settings are ”tasteful“ too; P.S. ”bring a large group so you can try as many dishes as possible. https://www.newportseafood.com/menu/ I’m asking for a $10 refundable deposit to be sent to me through PalPal. I will return your deposit through PayPal the day after the event (assuming you show up). Remit your deposit to me at [masked]. PLEASE USE THIS ADDRESS, AND USE PAYPAL ONLY! As always with PP, remember to select “Send money to friends and family” and have your bank account, as opposed to your credit card, linked to PP. That way we avoid the transaction fees. Please DON'T send a deposit until/unless you're are on the RSVP list. Your deposit is due upon RSVPing. PLEASE DO NOT RSVP WITHOUT REMITTING THE DEPOSIT. If you must cancel, you have till noon on Friday Jan. 18th. If you cancel after this deadline, or if you don’t show up, you forfeit the deposit. One last thing--a word about my 'commitment deposit' policy. I don't require a deposit for all events. It's a lot more work for me to keep track of these payments, and then to refund them. But, I learned the hard way that not everyone can be counted on to show up. My reputation, and the ability for this group to secure future reservations at restaurants, or other venues, depends on filling the seats I've reserved. Also, it is unfair to people on the waitlist when a ghost is sitting in what should be their chair. If you don't show up, or cancel after the deadline, don't expect to get a refund. That $10 is my only way to ensure that these events will be successful now and into the future.

Italy to Eataly

Eataly L.A.

PLEASE DO NOT RSVP UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION AT THE END OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO ANSWER TWO QUESTIONS WHEN YOU RSVP. I MUST HAVE AN ANSWER TO BOTH QUESTIONS!!!!! Italy (actually, the Rai Italia TV channel) has invited us to lunch at Eataly! With 30 guests, the menu will be pre-fixe and family-style (menu below). Eataly cannot make menu substitutions (not even for drinks) for such a large party. The total cost, including tax and gratuity, is $67.00 per person. This payment is due WHEN you RSVP. If it is not received within 24 hours after you RSVP, your RSVP will be changed to “Not Going.” A refund will be issued if you change your RSVP prior to 12:30 PM, February 2, when RSVPs will close. This fee must be sent via PayPal (no exceptions) to Co-Organizer Lindsie’s account: [masked]. Choose the “no fee” Friends and Family option. She is handling the accounting, so, if you have any questions about the payments, please contact her at the same email address. Also, to facilitate our goal of making friends, you will be seated, as best I can, according to where you live (not your address, just your neighborhood). So, when you RSVP, you will be asked where that is. Now for the fun part.... What is Eataly? A temple to the gods of Italian cuisine! It's the gourmet emporium LA always wanted, but never had, times 10. Not just the best wines, olive oils, breads, meats, fish, etc., but restaurants, and counters for hand-made pasta, pizza, a cafe, an espresso bar, and dessert counter--all under one aroma-filled roof in the Century City/Westfield Mall. But we won't be at the counters, or regular restaurants. We will be at Terra (https://www.eataly.com/us_en/stores/los-angeles/la-terra/), their roof-top private dining room, which centers around a wood-burning Italian grill, where the chef cooks seasonal raw ingredients over a burning flame. And, if that's not enough to entice you, how about your moment of fame? Rai Italia TV will be there with a cameraman to televise the event for their cable audience. Yes, 2019 is STILL the year of the woman! PayPal your $67.00 to Lindsie at: [masked] Do NOT forget to say where you live! MENU Escarole Salad (Escarole, red onion, candied walnut, Cacio di Roma) Calamari (Lemon, peperoncino, parsley, spicy tomato) Ravioli Primavera (Housemade spring pea ravioli, mint, lemon) Pollo (Wood-fired rotisserie chicken from Shelton Farms, CA) Wine, 1 glass only :-( of red or white

Opera anyone?

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Music Center of Los Angeles

La Traviata! "In the face of certain death, a beautiful courtesan dedicates her remaining days to decadent pleasures, dazzling parties and wealthy admirers. But when a devoted suitor declares his true love, she must pay for the sins of her past with a heart-breaking sacrifice. With soaring arias and passionate duets performed against an exquisitely beautiful background updated to the Art Deco era, this is quintessential Verdi: emotionally devastating and deeply, unforgettably human. Soprano Adela Zaharia, the 2017 winner of Operalia, stars as Violetta." "Domingo’s settings are superb… the lavishly gorgeous settings and flamboyant costumes provide a feast for the eye." - The Hollywood Reporter https://www.laopera.org/season/1819-season-la-opera-season/ If you'd like to join us, get your tickets ASAP (web site is linked above). Believe it or not, though the performance is next year, they are already running out of seats. I will be sitting in the Lodge (2nd balcony). There's a big scale of prices, and we're on different budgets. So, we'll sit separately. But we'll meet pre-performance for a drink, and during the intermission. We can also have a post-performance bite if desired. The performance is 3 hours!

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"Can Individuals Be Happy in an Unhappy Time?"

Metro Gold Line station Little Tokyo/Arts District

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