What we're about

Freedom is in your grasp.
This is a group for people who want to discover how to take back freedom in their lives- without joining political movements, or following "gurus".

We'll cover chapters and ideas from Harry Browne's 1974 classic book, How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World, including:

Identity trap 1: The belief that you should be someone other than yourself

Identity trap 2: The assumption that others will do things the way you would. You can’t control others’ natures, but you can control how you deal with them.

Intellectual trap: That your emotions should conform to some preconceived standard. You’re in the Intellectual Trap if you let your intellect tell you what you should feel.

Emotional trap: The belief that you can make important decisions at a time when you’re feeling strong emotions. You can’t. You’re in the Emotional Trap if you let your emotions make important decisions for you.

Morality trap: The belief that you must conform to a moral code created by someone else.

Unselfishness trap: The belief that you must put others happiness above your own.

Group trap: The belief that you can accomplish more by sharing with and involving others, instead of operating on your own.

Government trap 1: The belief that governments perform socially useful functions that deserve your support.

Government trap 2: The belief that you have a duty to obey laws.

Government trap 3: The belief that the government can be counted upon to carry out a social reform you favor.

Government trap 4: The fear that the government is so powerful that it can prevent you from being free.

Despair trap: The belief that other people can prevent you from being free.

Rights trap: The belief that your rights will make you free. You’re in the trap any time you count on anything other than an individual’s self-interest to cause him to give you what you want.

Utopia trap: The belief that you must create better conditions in society before you can be free. You can’t change the fate of a nation, but you can do a great deal to make sure you’re not affected adversely by it.

Burning-Issue trap: The belief that there are compelling social issues that require your participation.

Previous-Investment trap (sunk cost fallacy): The belief that time, effort, and money spent in the past must be considered when making a decision in the present.

Box trap: The assumption that the cost of getting out of a bad situation, any uncomfortable situation that restricts your freedom, is too great to consider.

Certainty trap: The urge to act as if your information were totally certain. You’re in the trap if you make decisions without recognizing the uncertainty of your assumptions and the risk that goes with that. There’s nothing shameful in acknowledging that you don’t have the answers to every question about life.

Each week we'll deep dive into one of the above topics and talk about how we can apply that to our lives in the present, and achieve what we want to in life, without baggage or preconceived notions holding us back.

There are free pdf files of the book online. If you have any trouble finding one, just let me know, and I'll get you a copy.

We'll try to stick with Tuesday evenings and weekends for the most part, 1 hour 15 minute meetings at a local coffee shop, bar, or restaurant to be announced.

Hope to see you soon.

To growth!


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