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Meditation in the Time of Corona Virus

Offerings for Adults:
Mondays 12-12.30 pm Anahita Holden and Hattie Bluestone "Mindful Self-compassion"
Mondays 7 pm- 8.15 pm Radhule Weininger "Mindfulness and Compassion"
Tuesdays 7 pm Stacy Zumbroigel "Meditation and Trauma"
Wednesdays 7 pm Radhule and Danjo San " Mindfulness, Compassion and Zen"
Thursdays 2pm Juliet Rhode-Brown
Thursdays 7 pm Renee Golan "Mindfulness and Compassion"
Fridays am 9-10 am Alexis Slutzky "Being with Grief and Uncertainty"
Sundays 10 am Radhule Weininger and Michael Kearney "Mindfulness, Compassion, and Nature-connection"

Offerings for Kids and Parents:
Tuesdays 3 pm Vivian Valentin and her kids "Mindful Activities for kids and parents"
Thursdays 9 am Ann-Marie Charest "Mindfulness for Parents & Children"

These are the instructions on how to join in at the scheduled times:

Before the meeting, please click the below link. If you don’t already have the Zoom application, it will ask to download Zoom and then once downloaded it will immediately launch the meeting. Zoom is free to download. Please let me know if you have any questions at all beforehand or during the sessions.

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Welcome to these Santa Barbara and Montecito guided mindfulness meditation sitting groups. The purpose of these groups is to create a warm and supportive community, to learn a skillful practice of mindfulness and Shamata meditation, the introduction of new ideas and building of community.

This group lead by Radhule Weininger, MD Ph.D. offers one hour guided mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness meditation with the goal to cultivate emotional balance and inner happiness. We meet Mondays at 7 pm at St. Michael's Church in Isla Vista, Wednesdays at 7 pm at Yoga Soup at 28 Parker Way and Thursdays at 2 pm at the Sacred Space in Summerland.

The meetings start with a 15 min. teaching, often inspired by members' questions, 30 min guided mindfulness meditation, and 15 min loving-kindness meditation.

Everyone Welcome ~ Always Free

A member just asked me to elaborate on what we try to accomplish with these meetings:

• get a solid basis and mindfulness. loving kindness

• understand foundations of Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist psychology

• work with Buddhist psychology to develop grater inner happiness, evenness, caring and meaningful relationships

• develop ability to have an inner refuge, touchstone, awakening

• develop a community of people who want to learn, grow, and create a safe, warm and fun environment

Upcoming events (5)

Mindful Self-compassion with Anahita Holden and Hattie Bluestone

Mindful Heart Programs presents: Mindful Self-compassion with Anahita Holden and Hattie Bluestone This weekly online meditation group includes practices inspired by the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) curriculum. MSC is an empirically-supported, 8-week program that teaches core principles and practices to cultivate the inner resource of self-compassion. This meditation group is appropriate to those new to MSC (or new to meditation), as well as MSC graduates. All are welcome, free of charge. More information at www.selfcompassionSB.com. Guided meditations led by Hattie Bluestone, DPT and Anahita Holden, PhD. Co-hosted by our friends at Mindful Heart Programs, Yoga Soup, and Insight Santa Barbara. This class is taught via zoom: https://zoom.us/j/5612731921 For more events like these visit www.mindfulheartprograms.org

Cultivating Emotional Balance through Mindfulness

Online event

This class gives guidance on how to maintain our inner balance through mindfulness, especially in stressful times. I teach how to establish a formal practice through concentration, mindful attention and resting in the space of loving awareness, and also how to bring mindfulness through adapted practices into daily life. Compassion for ourselves, others and our world, as well as forgiveness and gratitude practices allow us to heal and flourish. There is time to discuss questions on how to set up a practice and how to develop it further. The class is based on the Radhule’s book Heartwork: The Path of Self-compassion (Shambala)

Mindfulness in Recovery with Arno Jaffe, JD and meditation teacher

Mindful Heart Programs presents: Mindfulness in Recovery with Arno Jaffe, JD and meditation teacher Arno offers mindfulness and compassion practices to people in all 12 Steps programs. This time of crisis and quarantine has been especially challenging for people in recovery. Mindfulness and kindness towards ourselves helps us to create an inner refuge, from where we can relate to ourselves and our world in healthy and rewarding ways. This class is taught via zoom: https://zoom.us/j/5612731921 For more events like these visit www.mindfulheartprograms.org

Mindfulness, Compassion and Zen in the Time of COVID 19

This class, guided by Radhule and Danjo San, introduces mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, and other awareness practices. Radhule, coming from a Theravadin and Tibetan background and Danjo San, a Rinsai Zen teacher, together teach how to live life fully and joyfully especially in trying times. Besides formal meditation, Danjo San will give a brief talk that expands our awareness. Radhule’s programs are co-hosted by Mindfulheartprograms.org, Yoga Soup, sacred Space, Insight Santa Barbara and Insight LA.

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Tending Grief, Uncertainty, and Loss

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