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With thousand of projects pitched to investor community every day, only a few catch the investors’ attention. With the investors selecting these projects that graduate for due diligence and eventually a couple may get funded, the rest perish a natural decease. There are many obstacles for not graduating it to the next level. Most of the obstacles can be overcome by good preparation and practice. Often start-up leadership is focused only on the technology or product and are not aligned with the business, financial, and marketing arenas. A business needs funds to commence business activities and to accelerate business strategically. Thus an efficient high-stake pitch to an investor is generally an one-shot chance to sell the business. Preparation is the key in the seed-phase, the phase before the launch stage. What’s in for me? The session is aimed at demystifying to pitch the idea of your start-ups in an order that increases the probability of achieving the investors’ attention. This session not only helps in clearly presenting the plan to outside funding entities, but is also instrumental in helping an entrepreneur further define the opportunity and make important tweaks & move along the path of growing the company. Speaker : Mr. Satyen Jain Specialization: Strategy Development, Planning & Relationship Management An entrepreneur started a venture with USD$ 2,000 investment, which is now a multimillion dollar enterprise, currently serving as a Managing Director of LeoTechnoSoft. He holds management position in ProActEye, CloudAccess and Circa Systems. Satyen has consulted many young entrepreneurs & start-up founders to successful ventures. Organizers: Investronaut, a platform provider to all the budding innovators, thinkers and entrepreneurs who can be partners with us in the exciting journey of making a dent in the respective market by building disruptive innovations and solutions.

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Investor-Technical Evaluation Round

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology ,Pune