What we're about

See with new eyes 🙈, hear with new ears 🙉..🙊

Hello All,

It’s a blessing to be able to create this group..

I hope it will benefit all through the sharing and compassion that we will create together..😃😁

It’s for those who feel stuck or do not know who they are and their purpose in this life..Or do not understand the meaning of this mumbo jumbo of “Your Life Purpose “ is all about..Or simply wants to learn new things form each other’s experience..

Everyone has stories.

The meet up is about getting together in a group with likeminded people to build a movement to share the information that’s inspiring as an individual who at one time feels stuck or still stuck and want to move their life to the next level they imagine they should be.

It’s about sharing your experience and learning from multiple sources of information that have made the difference in your life even if it’s so small and made you feel happy about the changes you have and am excited about moving towards your goal or wherever you want to be.

It’s about exchanging views and learning from each other and having a shift in our normal thinking or mass thinking that we have conforms to all our lives..and enjoying coffee of course ..But not to worry you can choose your drinks,not just coffee 😉

If you have something to share and give back ,this meet up could be something that we can learn more and grow more..

It’s nothing formal just chat and chill, get connected,learning new things if we can and meeting new friends..

As a co-organizer , we are pleased to see you soon and get connected..

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