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Too often we get swept along in our everyday lives, feeling like we have no control over what’s happening, no time to take care of ourselves. This course teaches us how to access the deeper part of ourselves in order to create that much-needed balance in our lives. We will explore the art of slowing down in order to nurture contact with the Deep River Within, the soul-nourishing dimension in each of us that flows beneath the busyness of our daily lives. This is done with gentle encouragement, practical guidance, and a peaceful nurturing environment for each participants. We will learn about three preliminary doorways and six core practices for inviting the rich resources of our deeper nature into everyday life. Nov 16 Creating the container Nov 30 Taking Time-In and Boundary Setting Dec 7 Befriending Difficult Feelings Dec 14 Taming Self-Expectations Dec 21 Practicing Presence Jan 4 Doing Something You Love Jan 11 Moving On

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Finding the Deep River Within

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