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This is a group for anybody who enjoys a conversation over a coffee or beer. Ghent is filled with cozy bars and cafes, we will be on a continous quest to get a bit closer to the truth, while enjoying a good conversation (I hope :P)

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Beers on the beach : Film op het strand : LICORICE PIZZA (Zeebrugge)

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And now for something completely different!

Brugge Plus organises movies on the beach at Zeebrugge. And the idea was suggested by a friend to go watch a movie together while having a drink and enjoy the laid back beach atmosphere.

Licorice Pizza (2021)
The story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and going through the treacherous navigation of first love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.

The movie starts at 20h. We'll meet up in front of the Icarus Surfclub at 19h45 and find a place to sit. It's best if you bring your own stool/chair and depending on the weather, a blanket or something to keep warm if needed.

This is not a regular Ghent meetup, so we'll have to arrange transportation. If you can make it on your own there, that's all right! For those that cannot i suggest carpooling.
We currently have 2 cars available for a max total of 10 people. We will be at the Parking Yachtdreef at the watersportbaan. We will leave at exactly 18h45, so if you want to have a ride, please be on time. Please only mark your attendance if you are certain you'll come.

If there's much interest on the waiting list, we'll have to see if we can find more members with a car :)

Parking Yachtdreef:

Movie Information:

Sunday Special : Coffee meetup @ Full Circle Coffee

Needs a location

This one is a bit different than the regular beer meetup. Stefanie reached out to me because she was looking for a coffee meetup event.
So she will be the host of this meetup!

If you're looking for a nice place to spend your Sunday mornings with a hot coffee, there's no better place then Stefanie's meetup.
As always, this meetup is open for anyone and everyone. It's about meeting new people in a cosy atmosphere. Drop by for a coffee and a chat, and enjoy the company!

Stefanie has put up a limit of 15 people, since Full Circle Coffee isn't that big of a place. So it would be nice if you only put yourself on the list if you know you'll come. Usually a waiting list will form, and if you know you won't make it, please update your attendance. Otherwise we end up with people on the waiting list that could have been there.
Thank you for being conciderate and enjoy the coffee!

Trying out beers @ Brouwbar

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In the Patershol, the historic center of the city, you will find the microbrewery Brouwbar. Beer is brewed here in an artisanal way with a Ghent character: rebellious and at the same time rooted in the Belgian beer culture.

In Brouwbar you can taste the fresh creations between the kettles in which they are brewed. From a sparkling saison to a powerful hop bomb, be surprised by the changing tap! The brewers are happy to explain their beers or how the brewery works.

Get to know some people, anyone and everyone is welcome. If you're new to Ghent, a die-hard local, studying abroad or just on a holiday, any reason is good enough to come down for a drink and chat for a bit. A very low threshold event, who knows if you make friends or just have some nice conversations on an evening out!

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Sunday Special : Coffee meetup @ Simon Says

Needs a location

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