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Change Your Mind to Change the World

Want to learn about how to Grow and Release your past? Want to step into Your Personal Power? Interested in Sacred Medicine and Microdosing? Finding The Force is all about providing you with accurate information and totally free introductions to many fun and fulfilling concepts and practices.

We also host Retreats for those who are interested in training to prepare for Sacred Ceremony with Plant Medicine. To honor the sacredness of this Medicine, we do not charge for the Medicine. We ask a donation for the training and support you will receive, as well as to cover the costs of staff, venue and materials. A portion of the donations also go to supporting local communities, such as Native American Reservations.

Do you have a personal goal you have been meaning to accomplish? We can help you unblock yourself so that you make the best of every day, in every way. Finding The Force is also about Training the Trainers so you can support others in their Journeys!

Hands on learning/ experience about Natural Health, Alternative Healing, local foods, garden walk (at meeting place), pick and eats, FREE Reiki Shares, Massage Samplers, Info and sampling Essential Oils, Kombucha Club, Tarot Readings, and Seeds for your Garden.

Classes are also developing online, and you can join our weekly Newsletter/Blog to stay in tune for what you can learn online from our staff of Teachers and Global Community.

This group is founded by Natural and Holistic Coaches, Massage therapists, Reiki Masters, and Yoga practitioners. Our goal is to reach out to the people on the East Coast to develop community and friendship while sharing our 100+ years of personal experience in healing.

There is amazing knowledge around the world, and our lives here are changing. Trained in Albuquerque, NM we have a Traditionally trained Shaman with 20 years experience who has built community and healing circles in New Mexico successfully. Focus on alternative concepts around life, especially creating habits and thoughts that bring more light and balance.

BIO on Courtni "StarHeart" Hale
Holistic Health Coach and Spiritual Guide

Courtni "StarHeart" is a traditionally trained 'Medicine Person' or 'Shaman' who has studied under the tutelage of a Traditional Medicine Man for 10+ years in Albuquerque NM. The elders of this Federally recognized Church (Church of the Natural Law) are internationally known for their work in uniting people under the umbrella of universal spiritual practice and natural and traditional knowledge.

Her studies include a very traditional path of apprenticeship and community involvement, with emphasis on Holistic Healing and Natural Technology. After becoming a Federally recognized Minister she remained in New Mexico to continue to serve the community and formed the Church of The Natural Law, (which allows her to administer Plant Medicine as Sacred Medicine)

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Ayahuasca FAQ, Orientation, & Processing

Online event

Learn more about our Ayahuasca community during this call. Also an opportunity for members to share their experiences and process. We offer this before and aftercare support for Journeyers, past, present and future!

Beauty and Blessings
Courtni StarHeart

Bringing in the New Year With Sacred Plant Medicine: VIP All-Inclusive Retreat



Greetings Warriors, Truth Seekers, Visionaries and Journeyers!

FINDING THE FORCE (The Church of the Natural Law) PRESENTS...

2 night Kambo & Ayahuasca All-Inclusive VIP Retreat. This is a legal Ceremony with experienced, trained, and professional Guides. Ayahuasca & Kambo are 100% legal for The Church of the Natural Law members practicing in religious faith about their healing with Plant Medicine.

Had a long year.. or maybe two? Looking for a new beginning and a strong start to the year to come? Ready to go deep, conquer the past, dissolve that which does not serve you, and really rock this year? This is a perfect time to go inward and gain fresh perspective and a footing as you enter into 2022. Let this be your time! Come bring in the new year with us! We would absolutely love to have you.


Cost: $1475 + $350 for optional mushroom integration

Your retreat will include:
- 2 night lodging accommodations
- 2 nights of plant medicine
- Delicious and appropriate dining options within walking distance
- Cacao ceremony & Shamanic drum journey
- Guided yoga, breathwork, and meditation
- Medicine training sessions with StarHeart
- Microdosing available to take home for additional fee



12p Meet for registration
1p Lunch
2p Room Check in, free time
4p Gather and Train, Share Journal, Discover Your Maya Sun Sign
6p Medicine Wheel Shamanic Training with StarHeart
8p Kambo Frog Medicine Ceremony

9a Coffee Breakfast
10a Yoga and Breathwork, Sound Bath
12p Lunch
1p Free time
4p Medicine Walk on the Mesa
6p Gather and Train, Share Journal
7p Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Drum Journey with StarHeart
8p Ayahuasca Grandmother Medicine ceremony

8a Talking Stick Circle Integration. Coffee and Breakfast
11a Check Out
1p Lunch
2p Depart or stay for optional mushroom integration


This experience is led by Courtni StarHeart, who is a traditionally trained Medicine Woman. Teachers include Susun Weed, Patricio Dominguez, Mike "Two Bears" Andrews, Sifu Ken Lo and many more. Dual BAS American University, Washington DC International Relations, PhD program at University of Delaware. 15+ years serving the local community.

7 years of study with a Traditional Native American Medicine Man of Tiwa lineage. Spirit Dance, Sweat Lodge, Pipe Ceremony, Ayahuasca Training, Kambo Frog Medicine training, Seed sovereignty, herbalism and women's health. Yoga instructor for martial artists and Reiki Master.


Ready to RSVP, schedule an intake call, or curious to discover more Contact our Intake Coordinator at ‪[masked] or (860)[masked] (Text or call; Leave a detailed message if necessary)‬. We look forward to hearing from you!

Register by sending your donation to Venmo:

Much Love,
Beauty and Blessings,
Courtni StarHeart

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Website: www.FindingTheForce.com

Online Medicine Coach Certification: Training for Microdosing Support Circle

13 Moons of Holistic Healing Curanderismo Course & Lodge (Monthly Meeting online plus Shamanic Retreat)

The 13 Moons Toolkit for Curandera-o Training

Do you want to learn the basics of Natural Healing? Creating a Sacred Circle assisted by Psychedelics can help you grow your community and your own healing Journey. Combining Shamanic Training and Psilocybin, both in Ceremony and with Microdosing our Sacrament, we can plug into Nature, our Higher Power and our special Purpose.

Once Deaconized (certified) by the Church of the Natural Law, you will be authorized to open your own Circle and invite people in to enjoy the benefits of the most sustainable and accessible Entheogen: Nietos, the “grandchildren,” or Sacred Mushrooms.

In order to be authorized to share this beautiful Medicine, you train with a group of other apprentices for a whole year, in a Traditional Curriculum which will connect you with our Ancient Relations of the Southwest, as well as global traditions which share much in common, as earth based pre-Christian peoples.

This is a 13-Moon (one year) course where we will record the classes and provide links online so students can complete their work at home, as well as attend monthly online meetings.

There is also an opportunity each month to meet in person for more in depth training and overnight retreat at Star Mesa, our land in Tijeras NM, 15 minutes outside of Albuquerque on a beautiful Red Mesa with spectacular views and our community Tipis.

Level 1 Shamanic Training: Curanderismo

The traditional training for Curanderas (and Curanderos!) is through Connection to Mother Earth. So we gather on the New Moon with other community members and explore training over the course of a year.

This 13 part series of practical applications in herbalism, energy work, shamanism, natural arts and Initiations takes place indoors and out. Divine Feminine is a companion to Divine Masculine, and the act of going within is the Yin, or feminine, associated with the moon, water, symbolic language, the Spirit World and the Dreamtime. With the tools in the kit we will explore traditional Shamanism and Herbalism, as well as look at the science behind it and how it all works. We have a manual available also for personal development through the Medicine Wheel, as well as companion videos online.

You will receive a certificate after completing the 13 Classes, after completing a brief test of competency in the basics. Curanderismo is a lifelong pursuit and your Path will grow and change over a lifetime as you refine your unique contribution to the world.

This is a non-judgemental, non-biased environment with rules and guidelines to keep us all safe and allow each person the full benefit of their Journey. Respect includes respect for yourself and your own Journey, as well as the well being of others, and even extending to all of our relations in nature.

Courtni StarHeart is a traditionally trained Medicine Person with +20 years of study, BAS International Relations from American University, BAS in Latin American Culture, and Doctoral studies at the University of Delaware. She has studied for 7 years under the tutelage of a traditional Medicine Man as well as carrying a Sacred Pipe in the BearHeart Tradition, authorization to pour Sweat Lodge and Herbal Shamanic studies with Susun Weed.

Ready to schedule an intake call, or curious to discover more?
Please text: (505)[masked]
Office hours: 11a-4p, Mon-Fri

Register by sending your donation to Venmo:

Faceook: Finding The Force
Instagram: @Finding_The_Force
Email: [masked]
Website: www.FindingTheForce.com
Phone: Contact our intake coordinator at ‪(860)[masked]‬.

(No refunds after registration is complete. Complete registration includes Medical Intake, Release Waiver and Consent, Donation)

Much Love,
Beauty and Blessings,

$99/ month for 13 months
or $1111 up front

In Person Medicine Coach Certification:Training for Microdosing Support Circle

Plant Medicine Assisted Journey for Certification, Symbolic Literacy and Shamanism, 13 Moons and Clan Mothers Lodge

Overnight Teaching and Studio Camping in Albuquerque, NM

Get Certified to support your own clients in a year course where we get together in person once a month, as well as online, to do activities and teachings about Shamanic Training, Sustainability and Plant Medicine.

Join us as we get together each month to celebrate life and train with a light mushroom Ceremony under the stars through a year of Shamanic teachings and stories!

(Slideshow presentation and Teachings offered for monthly Certification class online beforehand, separate class, recordings available to all students. Online students required to attend at least 1 in person class.)

Bring a sleeping bag and learn about our permaculture based Medicine Teachings. This is part of an online training series of 13 Moons, to certify healers to hold circles with Microdosing, Herbalism or Kambo. (see curriculum below).

We also look at The Toe One and The Tooth, a Maya Creation Story, 13 Clan Mothers and other archetypal stories of Goddesses, and we rewire our understanding of who we are as women and men.

Divine Feminine and Masculine Balancing
Ancient Prophecies and Star Calendars from around the world tell us that we are in the time of The Quickening. This means the energies of Mother Earth are shifting and we need to learn to swim in a new field of light, finer, brighter, and more conscious. Our awakening as women and sisters is a key part of it! Divine Feminine is the Quantum Field, the 99.9% of the Unseen, UnManifest Universe, the Feminine Matrix. What’s rising really is our hearts and our spirits, so happy to be reunited in our circles, gardens and hearths around the globe.

Traditional Medicine Woman

In addition to 7 years of residency with Dominguez I studied Herbalism (Susun Weed), Kung Fu (Wu Mei), Yoga (Ashtanga), Reiki (Usui Master), Flower Essences (Bach) and hold 2 degrees from American University (BAS International Relations, BAS Latin American Studies). Our non-profit has been operating in NM and NY for 30+ years and has letters of support from Senators and Congresspeople, as well as the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. You will receive the finest training available in every way.

The Curriculum: 13 Topics for Curanderismo Training

Class 1 (PreClass Intro) Going Over Materials and Prepping
- 2 Building Your Personal Mesa/Altar for Beauty and Balance (Power Tools)
- 3 Uniting with the Divine Feminine (Moon Lodge and Spirit Allies)
- 4 Symbolic Language (the Medicine Wheel and the Tree of Life)
- 5 Herbalism (ala Susun Weed, including tinctures and Teas)
- 6 DreamTime and Soul Retrieval Procedures (Drum Journeys and Mugwort)
- 7 Next 7 Gen: Sustainability and EcoVillage (Aquaponics, Adobe)
- 8 Brewing Kombucha and Fermentation (& other ways to Balance Ph)
- 9 Planting Your Garden (Alternative Systems of Farming and Fertilizing)
- 10 Power Spots and how to Create a Grid (Sacred Geometries and Dowsing Ley Lines)
- 11 Reiki Initiation & How Energy Medicine Works (The Endocrine System and Chakras)
- 12 5 Principles of Finding The Force ( Deep Shamanic Secrets for Every Day)
- 13 ReBirthing You, Initiation and Vision Quest (Delivering Your Gift to the World)
Ready to schedule an intake call, or curious to discover more?
Please text: (505)[masked]
Office hours: 11a-4p, Mon-Fri

$185 includes overnight, breakfast, sacred ceremony with microdosing, and teachings in the Tipis.

Register by donation to PayPal or Venmo:
Courtni StarHeart.paypal.me/FindingTheForce4U

Facebook: Science and Psychedelics: Finding The Force
Instagram: @Finding_The_Force
Email: [masked]
Website: www.FindingTheForce.com

(No refunds after registration is complete. Complete registration includes Medical Intake, Release Waiver and Consent, Donation)

Beauty and Blessings,
Courtni StarHeart

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Ayahuasca FAQ, Orientation, & Processing

Online event

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