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Finfusion MTL | Financial innovation and technology hub in Montreal, in Quebec and in Canada

Finfusion MTL is a non-profit organization that helps develop, promote and support innovation in the finance and technology community (FinTech) in Montreal, in Quebec and in Canada.

Acting as an open, central and independent hub for entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, governments, higher education and research centers, Finfusion aims to grow local FinTech ecosystems and connect them at the national and international levels.

Events organized by Finfusion foster open interactions amongst members to build and promote the financial innovation community. By connecting relevant FinTech players, we aim to empower people with an interest in financial innovation and technology and impact their success positively.

Finfusion's axes of development are:

• Talent & education
• Entrepreneurship & investment
• International trade & relationships

For more information, follow Finfusion at finfusion.c (http://www.finfusion.org)a, @FinfusionMTL (http://www.twitter.com/FinfusionMTL), #FinTechMTL (https://twitter.com/hashtag/FinTechMTL), and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/finfusion).

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