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Finno-Ugric shamanism drumming circle in Toronto 6-9 p.m., September 4th. The circle will include teaching of the shamanistic worldview, spirit helpers and shamanic journeying. I will create the circle around the teachings of the bear. Participants are encouraged to bring a drum if they have one, but it is not necessary. The cost is $20, payable in cash only at the time of the event.

The location of the circle is in the Annex area of Toronto. The room limits the size of the group to 15 people. Please email me to request for a space. Depending on availability, I will send a confirmation that will include the address.

My name is Dalva Lamminmäki and I live in Finland where I practice and teach shamanism, lead healing drumming circles and work to bring the old spiritual ways and mythology of the Finn-Ugric peoples to life through collaboration with artists and musicians. In 2013 I visited Canada twice, as a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto, Lakehead University, and the Nordic Society in Ottawa. I held workshops and drumming circles in Toronto.
I have worked with West Coast based artist Hazel Bell-Koski (Universe Universe) and Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont, as well as at the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies (Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat Centre). I am currently completing my thesis on the topic of traditional medicine or 'folk' healing of Finland.


Other events in Ottawa "Touch the Earth" (FB event) and full week program in Folk Camp Canada.


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