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Meet at the park at 10am for kids classes from 10:15 am to 10:45. Adult and olde
Come on out for some fun traditional Japanese karate and self defense. Relaxed family atmosphere conducive to learning and sharing ideas. I will be leading different classes with different age groups. This is a perfect time to try out martial arts and see if you are intersested if you are a beginner. Or perhaps you have years of experience, just no time or place to attend on a regular basis due to all that "Adulting" you have to take care of these days. Awsome way to get in shape and improve your flexability. Stop by and say hello!

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What we're about

Come on out and join us for a fun filled gathering. Whether you are a grandmaster or an interested novice, come join us. This is an opportunity to become exposed to traditional Japanese martial arts and share and practice ideas and knowledge.

Looking for an exciting and unique experience outdoors that offers you and your family a chance to learn something new and get some exercise? Why not join us and check it out for yourself, be sure to bring your friends and family.

Instructions include Japanese terminology, Karate (open hand techniques), Kobudo (traditional weapons) and friendly point and Japanese style sparring and self defense.

Kids classes meet first, then the adults can get together and share ideas and learn.

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