What we're about

Imagine camping on a moonlit night under a carpet of stars, surrounded by fire dancers and musicians. Where the vibe is high and the mood is joyful.

Imagine learning to (safely) fire dance, sing, dance and play an instrument while being welcomed and supported by a community whose passion is to share their talents and support your talents.

Imagine hiking to a waterfall to watch firedancers and musicians perform.

One of a kind activities - journey from being part of the audience into being a performer, open mics to hone your musical and poetic talents, and house parties that feel just like family.

Let us welcome you to a unique and social circle.

Activities are 18 and up, under 18 with parental supervision can be considered.

The Fire and Music Collective prohibits heavy drinking and narcotics use in all its workshops and events. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Consent is mandatory. We reserve the right to ban those whose actions and behaviors do not align with our collective from any of our events and activities.

Past events (1)

Spontaneous Yokohama Bay Campout

Yokohama Beach Park

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