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Welcome! You are the average of the 5 people you have out with most. But what if those people have jumbo mortgages, commuting three hours a day, in credit card debt, or locked into 40+ year careers they don't like?

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The Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) group is meant to establish a supportive network for individuals interested in becoming financially independent by optimizing their life and making smart financial decisions. Financial independence means creating the financial freedom to choose how you spend your time.

It's so expensive to live in Hawaii so let's work together to find financial hacks!

This group is meant to bring people together, regardless of where they are on the path to financial independence. So, whether you're just curious, only starting to take control of your finances, looking for ways to accelerate your timeline, or have already reached financial independence, this is the group for you!

Common topics of discussion include:
Increasing your income or earning side/passive income
Budgeting & tax minimization strategies
Investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, & small businesses

Please note, this is not an investment club or a place to pitch some get rich quick scheme. If you are an MLM (multi-level marketing) person or so-called financial planner who gets rich selling wall street products please do not join.

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