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Hey you! Do you have wildly eclectic taste in rock and pop music? Do you like to sing? Dance? Maybe learn some no-bullshit techniques for communicating with the deity of your choice--and getting a response? Then you, my friend, may be interested in joining the First Church of David Bowie, Phonomancer.

Is the FCDB the world's first start-up religion? An alternative reality game? An elaborate prank? That's for you to decide. In terms of its mythos and ontology, the FCDB's belief system could be considered a blend of South American shamanism, Neo-Platonic emanationism, 20th and 21st Century American pop culture, New Thought, and Marian Devotionalism. It's based on the practice of phonomancy.

"Phono-wha?" you ask.

Phonomancy is a set of techniques for achieving specific kinds of visionary experience. It's based on the following premises:

1. Every modern pop and rock song has been carefully engineered to create a specific emotional response--a particular flavor of heartbreak, a state of psyched-up aggression, a mood of mystical wonder, etc. Those feelings are triggered by a combination of the narrative described by the song's lyrics, the vocal performances, the timbre and arrangement of the instruments, production effects, and more.

2. Certain types of substantia amplify emotional states.

3. Working with certain phonomantically-potent songs while under the influence of high doses of substantia can unleash a rush of psychic and somatic energy. By concentrating this energy on the memories and associations that arise in response to the song's target emotion, you can push your locus of mental activity from local psychic space out into the transpersonal realms of imaginal reality.

4. This can result in a torrent of extremely powerful emotions, archetypal imagery, and facilitated communication with spiritual entities and aspects of the Godhead.

5. Phonomancy can be performed alone, or with a group.

6. The latter reaches its fullest expression in the FCDB Shamanic Cabaret, a full-on participatory theatrical experience that's part dance party, part shamanic ritual, part psychic and spiritual CrossFit. There's singing, dancing, costumes, a light show, special effects...it's a blast. And it's our prototype for a religious ritual of the future.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, then hit "Join" and come to one of our meetups to get more details.

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FCDB Intro to Kettlebell Technique

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