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Welcome to the meetup group for the First Spiritualist Church of West Allis! We are located at 6228 W. Washington Street, West Allis, WI Email is firstspiritualistchurchwa@gmail.com and We are also on facebook.

This is a church for anyone interested in Modern Spiritualism, a science, religion, and philosophy based on the continuity of life as proven through Mediumship. Modern Spiritualism also includes Healing, Meditation, the Spiritual and Physical Natural Laws, living in accordance with the Golden Rule, the Upliftment of Humanity, Self Improvement, Empowerment, Exploration of Self and Personal Growth through Spirituality and Spiritual Practices.

Our church is chartered with the National Spirititualist Association of Churches. We teach the beliefs of Modern Spiritualism which began March 31, 1848.

First Spiritualist Church of West Allis was founded February 22, 1920 as the Alliance Psychic Research Society and functioned as such until August 1924, when it then became known as the Spiritual Alliance Church of Milwaukee. In April 1928, it was incorporated under the name First Psychic Science Church of Milwaukee and May 18, 1929 it was issued a charter by the Wisconsin State Spiritualist Association. We are now known as the First Spiritualist Church of West Allis and have been located on West Washington Street since 1976.

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Finding your Soul Self through Meditation

First Spiritualist Church of West Allis (FSCWA)


Guided Meditation Connecting to your SOUL SELF through Meditation Learn if this style of meditation works for you! Meditation is a key factor to mental, spiritual, and physical health. Learning the many ways to meditate might actually get you into the habit, when you find a way that works for you. Come join us as we learn about the Guided Meditation Way! $10.00 donation March 20th Silent/Silence April 17th Drumming/Chant May 15th Mindfulness

Symbols and Signs Workshop

First Spiritualist Church of West Allis (FSCWA)


We are always receiving signs from Spirit but do we know what they mean? Though dreams, visions, and literally street signs we are being guided. Are you paying attention? And if you are paying attention do you know what they mean? In this workshop we will look into and practice symbolization in our lives, through mediumship and intuition. Taught by Stacy Kopchinski National Spiritualist Teacher, Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer.

Traditional Service

First Spiritualist Church of West Allis (FSCWA)

Join us to raise your vibration and lift your spirit! Spend Sunday morning in a church that teaches love and equality for all! We welcome everyone to join us for church services, classes and/or events. Spiritualism teaches that God is love and the divine spark of God is inside all of us. We believe in respect for all humanity and that service to others is the greatest gift that can be given. Spiritualism believes in the continuity of life as proven through mediumship. We are a religion, science, and philosophy based upon this belief. Chairperson: Adina Ferrer Speaker: Rev. Debbie Malison CM Healers: Susan and Bob Mediums: Rev. Debbie and Doug P. Our Traditional Service Includes: Welcome Hymn Invocation NSAC Declaration of Principles Hymn Healing Service (Hands-On-Healing) Hymn Sermon/Lecture Love Offering Hymn Message Service (Proof of Continuity of Life through Mediumship) Announcements Benediction Closing Hymn Forward

Medium's Day!

First Spiritualist Church of West Allis (FSCWA)

Our medium's will be available for private readings! First come, first serve! $20 for 15 minutes. This event is for entertainment only and is a fundraiser for our church! Mediums working: Rev. Debbie Malison, CM, Rev. Stacy Kopchinski NST, CM, CH.

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Monthly Unfoldment Circle

First Spiritualist Church of West Allis (FSCWA)


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