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It's time to bump this group up a notch. We're hosting a night of gaming at GameHaüs with three different games - Knee Jerk, Letter Tycoon and Chaosmos! Every group founder will be there (4 designers in all) and we would love to see all of your beautiful faces come out and have fun.

•• GameHaüs normally has a $5 cover fee. Pay at the door, and we'll reimburse you when you sit down to play. ••

Parking Information from The GameHaüs Website:
After-hours free parking in the lot (after 7:00 p.m.) is first-come. Please do not park in reserved spots or in tandem behind other vehicles.

Street parking is available in the area. Please observe street cleaning and other parking signs before leaving your vehicle.

Here's a rundown of the games:

Knee Jerk (3-8 players, 10 minutes)
Think fast - the first player to give their knee-jerk reaction wins the point! Players rapidly create endings to funny situations in this 3-to-8 player party game. Each situation lasts 10 seconds, and players get to play simultaneously (no downtime!).

Letter Tycoon (2-5 players, 30-45 minutes)
Letter Tycoon is the word game for capitalists. Players build words to earn money, spend money purchasing exclusive letter licenses, and use those licenses to collect royalties and invoke unique privileges. Create the most valuable empire and you can become the Letter Tycoon!

Chaosmos (2-4 players, 90 minutes)
In Chaosmos, you are an alien on a desperate quest to find and secure the most important object in the history of the biocosm – The Ovoid. You'll traverse the galaxy, exploring planets and battling other players to build up a strategic hand of cards. As you progress through the game, you'll gather weapons and tactical equipment that help you discover, gain control of, and protect The Ovoid. This mysterious artifact is your civilization's last hope for survival, and you will have to use deception, misdirection, and strategy to outwit your opponents and possess it at the exact moment the universe collapses!