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What we’re about

The First Coast Freethought Society Meetup Group and the First Coast Freethought Society are two different things to the same end. This Meetup Group, is an easy way to be kept apprised of all the activities of the First Coast Freethought Society. We hope to see you at our events!

The First Coast Freethought Society is an organization of individuals who prefer science and reason over religious dogma and fanaticism. We have served the needs of the nonreligious population of Northeast Florida since 1998 while seeking ways to improve the quality of life within our communities.

Our advocacy prefers progressive ideas over regressive ideas with an emphasis on equality, equity, and critical thinking, through education and community outreach.

We provide a place to discuss philosophy, science, books, movies, current events, and a venue for local and national speakers to share their expertise. We offer support to those who question or have rejected religious beliefs.

The FCFS is a nonprofit membership organization of freethinkers and others who prefer to promote science, reason, and compassion over religious dogma, and belief in the supernatural. Our purpose is to serve the needs of nonreligious people, promoting secular humanism and a non-theistic approach to life.

Our meetings are educational forums for individuals who want to learn more about the topics our guest speakers present. Through monthly lectures followed by questions and answers, humanist book discussion groups, informal discussions at dinners and other social gatherings, we explore educational topics of interest, make friends, learn, and enjoy fellowship.

The First Coast Freethought Society is an educational, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under IRS Chapter 501(c)(3). Our meetings and activities are free and open to the public. By joining this Meetup Group, you will be kept apprised of all our activities. We hope to see you at events that appeal to you!

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