How to start a Start Up V *Minimum Viable Product*

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You have an Idea, but you don't know where to beginn and test your Product or Service?

In this Workshop with Grégory Laurent we will find with Minimalism a solution to start your business.

Grégory Laurent is a Consultant and Trainer in Simplification for Individuals and Companies.

Entrance is free, but please bring something (Wine, Snacks) or someone with you.

@ "How to start a Start Up" we learn how to start our own Business by creating all together a cooperative Market Platform for Founders, Makers and Companies. Here you can co-create, co-develope and co-sell your Products and Services with People from all Branches, Disciplines and Cultures.

We meet every first Friday of the Month and team up every second Tuesday of the Month, 19h @ MLP-Haus, Berlin